Town Park virgin? Get your answers here!

Goddess walk attire description courtesy of my wife: “Wear anything that makes you feel special and fancy, something you wouldn’t wear almost anywhere else. Preposterous extravagance is encouraged, but only if you’re happy about it - go all out to your comfort level.”. To that I’d add sequins, flowers, tutus, beads, fairy wings, tiaras, etc but ABSOLUTELY NO GLITTER. Seriously, leave that shit at home.

Other stuff to bring: hard to tell, we all prioritize different things. Like…I’m bringing a narwhal onesie and 5 gallons of cooking oil - do you need those things? Probably but I can’t say for sure. Play it by ear this first year, you’ll find the groove!

Thanks so much! Very helpful! It all sounds like such a blast and we can’t wait to meet you all and share great music, crazy fun times and cool beverages in such a beautiful space!


Wristband question - I purchased a 4 day pass and town park camping and I received a green wristband in the mail. Is this the only wristband I need for camping and the festival?

That’s it, one wrist band!

We are staying in Mountain Village and have one extra car than our number of parking spaces. Where can we park a 3rd car in Telluride or even better… Mountain Village? What are the costs?

Hi! Here’s lots more info about Mountain Village parking: Parking & Parkmobile | Town of Mountain Village

Hello, Telluride Tom!

I have a question regarding vehicle passes for Town Park.
Currently, I have Town Park camping passes, but no vehicle pass. I am wondering whether I need a vehicle pass if I am camping at Town Park? If not, where would I be parking my car?

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

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You don’t need a vehicle pass to camp in Town Park. Depending of how early you arrive you will be directed to park either along the road outside of Town Park, at the beginning of town at Carhenge, or up in Mountain Village and take the gondola back to town.
Vehicle passes are mostly meant for those that are handicapped or with small children. If you’re completely capable of setting up a tent then you don’t need one.


Good to know! Thank ya kindly.
Lookin forward to a stellar time

This is my first time going to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and I am a little bit confused. I bought 2x tickets for town park camping which included the 4 days.
I’m seeing information about town camp parking from the 10th-15th. Is this separate? Is arriving 5 days early something that is super important to do?
I think I have a place I can stay in semi-nearby Montrose; would arriving early in order to secure a camping spot be necessary?
I am just trying to figure out what day I need to arrive… sorry for noob questions.

You got the lucky tickets! Town Park!
You’ll be a Town Park Virgin, but don’t let that scare you. It’s going to be the best time of your life!
Yes! If you can get there on the 10th, that will be the best! Be in line early at around 7 in the morning for the Saturday Land Rush. Run with your tarp and find your best camp spot! Set up camp and meet all the wonderful Festivarians around you! Get ready to party every day up to the actual Festival start. The pre-Festival happenings are possibly more fun than the actual Festival! Make sure to enjoy a Crunchy Frog at Camp Run-A-Muck!

Oh, and the pre-Fest does not cost you anything more, although if you have anything to share with your fellow Festivarians, that is always appreciated, but not required!

So what happens if I don’t show up on the 10th? Im assuming I still get a camping spot since I paid for one but what does a “good” camping spot mean?
Thank you

A “good” camping spot is one that is reasonably level so that you’re not sliding down in your sleeping bag when you sleep. Also one that isn’t right next to the Porta-Potties. Depending on your tolerance for Bluegrass jamming all night, you might want to check out your neighbors. There are no “bad” camp sites, just some that are a bit more desirable than others. The better ones get snagged up early. Plan accordingly.

If all that sounds like more than you signed up for then I would be happy to trade my 2 Mary E Ilium tix for your 2 TP tix plus the $ difference of course.

You’ll be able to get a pretty decent spot Sunday - Wednesday, it just may not be apparent since you’re new. Find someone who looks like they might know what’s going on and ask! Most folks will be happy to help you poke around to find a good spot.

Also check out this post which might answer some more of your questions!

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What the general responses will be are all going to be the same. Get there as early as you can, mostly because you’ll miss out on some very fun and unique partys, jams and a few “real” bands. Personally, I’d say the “good” spots are gone by Monday or Tuesday, and there are definitely some spots that are better than others for a whole variety of reasons depending on your wants. The primitive area is typically the quitest, but you have to haul stuff further in away from unload spot. By the river is nice, but it is loud, and gets much colder at night. Some folks want to be within easy walk to bathrooms, or closest to the festival grounds, the sites furthest away can hear the stage, but it’s hard to actually make out the tune, those closer can hear the stage music just fine. There’s also a variety of large camps that have been located in the same spots for years. These camps host these fun prefest events, so it’s nice to give them their spots, and they’ll be the friendliest folks to camp next to! In the end to get the full TBF experience in Town Park you should get there on the 10th before 4pm!


Greetings Tom,

This is my first post and I am a first time Town Parker! I’ll be arriving with my buddy Friday night before the TP rope drop.
I know that certain areas are for historic camping groups but what is the best way to know this info. Should I ask someone who is working? Will people just tell me? I want to make sure we don’t set up in the wrong spot and be asked to move. If someone comes later than Saturday are they still able to ask us to move? Thank you for any info you can provide!

Howdy folks! What do people usually do for laundry/clothing? I’m not too worried about it but I’m going to be camping out for 9ish days. Do you pack light and use the river to wash clothes? Pack a lot and go to Camp Laundromat? :laughing:

We usually just pack enough or reuse stuff. Have never done the laundromat thing but there is apparently one just outside of town. Looks bikeable but probably not walkable. Google Maps

Don’t wash anything in the river but there are big sinks for washing dishes at Town Park for example which could be used for clothing I suppose. Not sure about MEI and Lawson.