Town Park virgin? Get your answers here!

As the Mayor of Town Park, and a long time festivarian I’ll do what I can to help any of you new to Telluride or Town Park. Ask away, and I’ll do my best to answer your questions. It’s the first big Planet Bluegrass festival of the season, so be prepared! :thumbsup :wave
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Thanks Telluride Tom! It means a lot that there are so many people willing to help out and answer the questions that they have probably answered a million times before! I just want to make sure my first experience is the best it can be!! :flower

oh goody another virgin to sacrifice. We promise to be gentle :wink:

Hey Tom, is it too late to make that really big picture go away and replace it with a smaller one?

Is that better? :wink:

yes, lots better


I just wanted to ask if you (or anybody) had any recommendations on camping/lodging in town during the fest. I’ve been looking all over the web and it seems to me that the best bet is going to be camping (all the room rates seem to be going for +$300!). I see that camp sites are selling out pretty fast so I’m guessing that I should act fast, but I would hate to make a costly mistake. I’m going to be in the middle of a cross country road trip so having my car close by would be convenient, but not necessary.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Camping and lodging will be going fast, so the sooner you act on it, the better.
If you are going to camp, just be aware that it gets very cold at night, so be sure to have a decent sleeping bag. Camping is cheaper, and can be a lot of fun meeting all the other campers. If you already have your Festival pass you’ll have a good time regardless of where you decide to stay.

Dave – The closest camping to the festival grounds is at Town Park and Warner Field. Both just a few steps away from the festival enterance gate. Town Park is the most sought after campground because of it’s many open social events, picking circles, and funky long-time well-established group camps. Warner Field is a ball field right behind the festival grounds that is turned into a tent camping area while the festival is on. A Warner Field wristband will gain you enterance into Town Park. No other campground wristband has that perk. As for the other campgrounds, they are located outside of town and require that you hop on a free shuttle bus, walk, or ride a bike back into town in order to attend the festival. Do your best to get a Town Park or Warner Field camping/festival pass. You won’t regret it…

Kaptain Karlos

if you decide to walk or Ride a bike, be aware of the altitude. at roughly 10,000’ your activities are going to be a bit more labored than at sea level. as for davy’s concern of being close to your car? I believe the out of town camping affords that luxury?
Nebraskawhit, beware the Hippie in the skirt :evil just kidding, these are the best bunch of people you will ever meet. a few short years ago I was in your boat, I posted to the Fesivarin list on Planet Bluegrass, and was never sorry I did. I have made life long friends here. when I was TBF virgin, I planned to arrive alone, not knowing anyone, before long, after asking all the usual questions, I was told I was no longer camping alone I was “camping with us” this has lead to other great festival expiriences and as I said many new life long friends. don’t be concerned or embaressed to ask questions, it’s one of the things that keeps these guys going. :drive :wink:

Alright! I’m already very excited! I’m sure the closer the date gets, the more questions I will have! Thanks so much for all your kindness. I will look forward to meeting all of you too! I’ve been a big Yonder lister for many years, and have also been a member of the festivarian list but never really posted much. This is the year to get involved though! I have big hopes and dreams for 2007! :cheers

I would love to bring my bike out for the fest. I could ride my bike all day! But being from the 900 ft. elevation range, 10,000 is quite a change. Especially since all the festivals I have attended before were actually lower than 900 ft. (NWSS - Horning’s comes to mind). I do alright snowboarding, I just have to be very careful that I carry plenty of water and a few granola bars and sweet snacks because I have been known to faint because of the altitude! I find that I can curb that very easily as long as I eat on a regular basis! (Gotta keep the blood sugar level up!) :wink:

Just take it slow at first! If you can take a few days after getting there to aclimate so much the better. Don’t get up there and jump on the bike and go, or you could end up hurting yourself.

Hey everyone, I was just wondering when everyone starts arriving before the festival starts, and when it would be considered too late? I do know that some people start arriving a week and a half to 2 weeks before the festival, but that just isn’t going to be possible for me. The earliest that I would be able to arrive is the weekend before the festival starts… is that going to be early enough or am I going to get screwed out of a decent camping spot? Just wondering… thanks for your help! :flower

Planet Bluegrass takes over Town Park the Saturday before festival, and that’s when a lot of people start arriving. Even if you didn’t get there until Tuesday or Wednesday you shouldn’t have a problem finding a spot to camp. The earlier you get there, the more fun you’ll be able to join in on. :cheers

i read somewhere about festival virgins not understanding the parking situation. I didn’t get organized early enough so I am camping at the Mary E. Ilium Campground, I was thinking I should get a parking pass as well, am I mistaken? Also I am volunteering if that should affect my decision.
Either way, how do I sign up to camp for a day or two extra?

You do not HAVE to have a vechicle pass for Mary E. You only need one if you wish to camp next to your car. :drive

Volunteering really wouldn’t affect your decision too much. You won’t be able to take your car in and out once festival starts, so the shuttle will be your transportation anyway. :slight_smile:

we must be old friends? I’ve done the last 3 NWSS’s and I mostly lurk on the Yonder Phantasy board. :hop

Perhaps! I didn’t attend last summer, but was there in 2004 (for Del!) and in 2005… what a great festie. Although I wasn’t as impressed in 2005 as I am not a Keller fan at all!! Couldn’t make it happen last summer since I was taking classes. Probably won’t make it this summer either since I’m doing Telluride! Where did you camp at the NWSS, I was a part of Camp Turtle…

of course Tom is the only on that actually gets a decent camping spot. all those people that camp by the river or falls or anywhere else not in direct sight of the stage is just lacking :wink:

Good one Jeep! :rollin

Any spot in Town Park has it’s advantages, and disadvantages. :eek

Some are always in the sun :sunshine some are always in the shade :bag
Some are so close the the jam sessions :band that you can’t get any sleep :zzz

But we all get along :talk, and we all have fun :clap
listening to a great show… :concert