Town Park virgin? Get your answers here!

Greetings Tom,

This is my first post and I am a first time Town Parker! I’ll be arriving with my buddy Friday night before the TP rope drop.
I know that certain areas are for historic camping groups but what is the best way to know this info. Should I ask someone who is working? Will people just tell me? I want to make sure we don’t set up in the wrong spot and be asked to move. If someone comes later than Saturday are they still able to ask us to move? Thank you for any info you can provide!

Howdy folks! What do people usually do for laundry/clothing? I’m not too worried about it but I’m going to be camping out for 9ish days. Do you pack light and use the river to wash clothes? Pack a lot and go to Camp Laundromat? :laughing:

We usually just pack enough or reuse stuff. Have never done the laundromat thing but there is apparently one just outside of town. Looks bikeable but probably not walkable. Google Maps

Don’t wash anything in the river but there are big sinks for washing dishes at Town Park for example which could be used for clothing I suppose. Not sure about MEI and Lawson.

Welcome! You’re going to have such a blast!

Don’t worry at all about the camping where historic camps plan to. It’s really not an issue. These big camps will have a bunch of people there for land rush and as a result they’ll likely get a decent number to run in and claim “their” territory. Even if you did happen to end up throwing down your tarp smack dab in the middle of Run-a-Muk’s main tent for example, it would be quickly apparent and someone would help you find a good spot to set up! Nobody will get mad at you or anything - how are you supposed to know!? Heck, we’ve gained a few of our camp mates and now great friends by adopting them when they were hunting for a site. If you’re there for “rope drop”, there will be plenty of space so don’t fret! It’ll all work out, it always somehow does in Town Park.

BTW if you’re arriving Friday night, do you have a place to stay? The town does not allow camping in your vehicles outside of the campground and all of the campground spots are already reserved.

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This is awesome info thank you so much! I do not have camping for Friday night so I will now plan to arrive early on Saturday instead. Thank you for the heads up. I feel much more prepared for the trip and I’m really looking forward to it! Cheers!


I always bring a fresh pair of underwear for each day. BUT outer clothes can be reworn for several days, no one will notice or care. They’re all going to get dusty anyway. You’re out in the woods. Just enjoy!

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