Baby and camping

Hi friends!

We will be camping this year with our baby (will be ~10 months in June). Last year we camped at Lawson Hill and were thinking that would be best again with a baby but now wondering if we should try for Town Park or Warner field to have ease in and out of the festival and our campsite.

Anyone camp at those sites with a baby? I know they are a bit more party party but interested to hear if others stayed there with a baby and felt it was worth it


You’re right - the balance between the accessibility of TP/WF over Lawson vs the noise will be what you’ll want to decide between.

Warner will be FAR quieter than Town Park and as a bonus, is quite close to the pool’s bathroom/shower facilities.

I don’t have kids myself so I can’t answer your question directly but here are some past conversations to dig through to help aid your decision while we wait for others to chime in:

Whatever you decide I’m sure you’ll have a fun time!

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I’d definitely recommend Warner for several reasons- not messing w/shuttle and all logistics, proximity to field means you can hear w/o having to go onto the field if you choose, move in on Wednesday so shorter duration. Much depends on temperament, but as long as you keep the baby comfortable with hearing protection, it’s totally doable. Good luck!