Babies at TBF

I just read the Family 101 at TBF thread and was curious to know if anyone has any special precautions for kids that are less than a year old. Our baby will be seven months old during TBF and we are wondering if he is too young for the festival? I know about ear plugs, sunscreen/shade, and altitude. Anyone have any feedback about young kids at the festival? Thanks!

Use the ear plugs and bring on the youngin’!!!

We’re watching several Little Festivarians growing from year to year and we love it so much! There’s no better place to start a family tradition either!

If I still had little ones I would get them started drinking more water running up to festival time and make sure bananas are in the diet so potassium levels stay up at elevation. Bring plenty of layers to keep them bundled during the cold nights. Baby sunscreen and big floppy baby hats for protection from the sun during the day is a must along with two cozy blankets, one to take a nap on and the other to provide shade (hung from festival chair to festival chair with a few clothes pins)

Try and remember they are on vacation also and have a great time! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Be sure you have something waterproof to not only keep them dry, but any extra clothes they have dry.
You never know when, or how long, it will rain/hail/snow/sleet… :flower

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Bring them on and all have a good time. Auntie Hope’s advise is wise!
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You can buy these little pop-up tents ( Playhut- at least that was a brand 14 yrs ago). Great for during fest for a "playplace,shade,nap spot etc… Also, we found that a baby backpack was much easier to maneuver than a stroller especially at night. Babies would just fall asleep while we wondered around fest on our backs at night.

Oh! I Love that one, Deb!

We did it thirty years ago and camped out of town, so that meant carrying all the stuff we needed from the car to the festival and back to the car in the dark. I believe it might be easier these days.

Just please make sure to put the used diapers in the BIG trash bins and not fill up the smaller trashcans in the bathrooms. Thanks

Camping at the High School is a breeze with the kids. So is Warner Park. Both short strolls to the fest. Neither with shade though. You will need to bring your own extra shade if you do those sites. Took a pre-kinder and a 1st grader to warner and we all loved it.

Took the kindergartner and then 2nd grader to the High School next year and it was so easy. Just a short walk up the street to get to food, drink, and festival. See stars at night. No need to hassle with the bus, yet it was there and folks were courteous if you wanted to use it.