2023 Town Park Pre-Fest Activities Planning Thread!

Hear ye, hear ye!

I’m sitting here on a snowy Colorado morning and can’t get Telluride off the mind so I figured, what a better day than any to start talking about 2023 pre-fest events! @ToddG already kicked us off by announcing the Beer Share

Post your events here and I’ll add them to the ole 50th Annual TBF Calendar of Events. Subscribe to help keep track of all of the fun Town Park Events, Main Stage, Nightgrass, and more!

I’m going to assume some of the longer standing traditions are in their normal places and times (Crawfish @Crawdaddy, Goddess Walk, AhMen for Rahmen @pksmith @Hulagan69, Bloody Mary Monday, DukTape Happy Hour @Bevin, Tropical Tuesday @loosejello, RumBalls @TellurideTom, Town Park Singer/Songwriter and more @Hooch @Hot_Sugar). This new forum will only let me tag 10 people in a post so I’ll post a reply mentioning some of the newer events as well.

I’d like to take this moment to officially announce the 2nd ANNUAL TUESDAY TATER TOT-COS AND TOT SHOT TOTSTRAVAGANZA catered by your friends at Camp Trailer Smash (usually by the waterfall but who knows what reveg curveballs they’ll throw at us this year). Come destroy some delicious tots before the beer share. BYOPlate/Utensils. Time still a little TBD but we’re thinking 10-11:59.

SOOO, whaddya got!? Go big or go home for the 50th!


Also looking to confirm some of the newer events like Lampshades/Fish Fry @ToddG, Slow Jam Pick @fishbone, Grilled Cheese Spectacular @Bevin @Crawdaddy, Wings & Strings @TheLorax27, TelluPride @TheHerd, Dance Party @CBoDenver, BBQ @alexbarbosa42 etc I’m sure I’m missing something…

Camp Lamp Shady Grove will do our Fish Fry on Sunday12-2pm. We’ll have catfish, vegan slaw, and hush puppies rolling out of the cast iron fryer till it’s gone. Bring your instrument and jam. We hope to be in the same spot we were last year by the river, look for the Lampshade sign! Also TBD either after the beer share on Tuesday, or before Rumballs on Wednesday we’ll host a Lampshade hat making party. I’ll make a separate post about that, and what you’ll need to bring to make your own light up lampshade hat. Then Saturday we’ll parade with all the lampshaders!


Hellllllllz yes! On the calendar!

Don’t forget about Firstgrass Weds night as you’re thinking about which date to go with!

You folks sure work hard at having fun. I’ve been to several music festivals across the country and Telluride Bluegrass has the best vibe of any. What a great group of people. 100% crazy!
Festival season starts in 2 weeks at Old Settlers then 4 days later it will be 11 days of Jazz Festin New Orleans.
Here are just a few at Jazz Fest this year. The night before JF it will be Billy & the Kids with Molly Tuttle.
At the festival: Dead & Company, Molly Tuttle, John Hiatt. The Lumineers, Anders Osborne, The Flatlanders, Robert & Alison, Tedeschi Trucks, Los Lobos, Santana, Buddy Guy, Sue Foley plus 100s more. My # 1 to see this year is Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.
2023 will be my 39th Jazz Fest. Both weekends since 1989.


Howdy festi-folks! Camp Run-A-Muck checking in! We will be in full force again this year with our usual cast of inmates hardly working to make your day better. Or worse.

This year we plan on again hosting the annual Town Park singer/songwriter event on Monday as well as other bands/musicians throughout the week as their schedules allow, so check in at camp when you arrive because days/times may be last-minute. Attendees may be subject to strip search by a Run-A-Mucker of your choice.

Thursday morning of festival will be the Hippie Jerry memorial sourdough pancake breakfast and that evening will be a haunted ghost tour of Camp Run-A-Muck with your happy ghost tour guides Hippie Jerry and Durango Dave. A Ouija Board will be provided.

And of course, come on down for your daily dose of Crunchy Frog and then stay for our newly formed event, the “Run-A-Muck Sobriety Hour”. Featuring nothing fun.


I’m so absolutely relieved we get to choose our strip-searcher this year. The bygone days of the strip-search lottery are welcomed by this wary Festivarian.

So, not all of our camp will be there Sunday, so going to have to change that Fish Fry. May either do it after Beer share on Tuesday, or Wednesday noonish. I’ll try and get that nailed down soon. Either way we’d incorporate it into Lampshade time.


Confirmed yes on the Grilled Cheese Spectacular.



I don’t think I could be more excited about tater tots.


What kinda fun description should I give it?

Well I don’t know, but they are totally totastic tots topped with spectotcular tot toppings.

It’s a Trailer Smash tater bash. :grin:


Ha I love it. I meant the grilled cheese though!

MMMMMMM. Bacon… (Homer Simpson gurgling noise).

Ha! I thought that at first, but then saw you replied to my tots comment, so figured i would give it a shot. :laughing:

Do you have what we used last year? I Imagine we could use the same thing. Erin is planning to jump in here with details in the not so distant future.

The Herd will be hosting TelluPride brunch 1030-1230 on Wednesday. Mimosas, Tamales, etc and dancing in the street.


Yup - I’ll just recycle until I hear otherwise!

Awesome! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: