¡2023 Bloody Mary (and Mimosas) Monday!

What: Bloody Mary Bar :tomato: :cocktail: & Mimosas :champagne: :tangerine:
Wait, What!?: Yer darn tootin’, due to popular demand we’re doing mimosas again this year!
When: 2023-06-12T16:00:00Z2023-06-12T18:00:00Z (or until supplies or patrons are exhausted)
Where: Town Park Bathhouse
Who: You. Yes, YOU!
Bring: Your Own Cup/Metal or Compostable Straw!!

This longstanding tradition is 100% donation supported and hosted by @Debbiefromtucson, occasionally the mysterious being known only as @swander99 (who might just drop by this year), and yours truly. We’ll meet by the bath house, shoot the stuff, and enjoy the company of great folks with some cocktails in hand.

Update 5/28: We now have everything we need! Here’s the list of what folks are bringing for reference (this is read only, post what you’re bringing below!)

If you’d like to add to the party, please find an empty yellow space on the spreadsheet and respond in this thread with what you can contribute! I’ll keep the spreadsheet updated as folks respond. Don’t forget to check out both tabs - one for bloodies and one for mimosas.

Please bring your contributions to me before Monday morning (it’s no fun chasing down donations from all over TP that morning) except for ice. We’re in “Camp Trailer Smash” up by the waterfall. Thanks for your donations so we can keep this tradition going!

Can’t wait to see you all!


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Where’s the link to the spreadsheet so we can see what has already been donated and what’s needed?

Happy to contribute a handle of vodka and my favorite garnish from 2019, that has since become my standard- a jar of pickled quail eggs!


Put me down for a couple bottles of Worcestershire Sauce and a celery salt for now.

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It’s in the initial post above, Tom.

The Skubeses are in for a handle of vodka

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I cant update the Google form but put me down for the 3 bottles of tabasco

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I can’t edit the form either, but put me down for two bunches of celery, 4 cans of tomato juice, and 4 bottles of champagne.


We’ll bring Tomato juice, some horse’s radishes some random garnishes, and a liter of the potato juice.
I prefer Mimosa with grapefruit juice.

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Having grown up “in the country”, I’m concerned the

aren’t what I think they might be?

Also does that mean you’re bringing grapefruit juice?

TTom coming in hot this year!!


we’ll bring the grapes fruit.

Always ready for a Bloody Mary Monday in Town Park! :mountain_snow: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :notes:
I’ll bring some garnish (pickled asparagus), and 3 lime juice, and 3 horse radish.
Can’t guarantee the quality of our MN/WI horse’s radishes, but it’s festivaaal!?!?

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Make sure the grapefruit versions are labeled as such, cause a lot of blood pressure medications react adversely to that fruit. Mine included, :crazy_face:

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Hopefully the Mimosa’s will be make your own, with the Grapefruit juice properly labelled!

@culasthewiz we will bring a bottle of bubbles too.

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Confirmed. While the bloodies are batched, this is a build your own mimosa type of adventure. We’ll make sure the grapefruit is labeled appropriately!

Denise says she’ll bring Gin, because she’s a gin bloody gal. And she’ll bring loads of fermented goodies so “day drinking can be healthy”.


“Well it’s a bloody mary mornin’ baby hit me without warnin’ sometime in the night…” – Willie

My favorite morning of pre-fest! Thanks to everyone who puts it on!

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Put me down for 2 wor…worcest…worcestershire sauces
Hopefully I don’t get too stoned & forget to get you the WS before Monday morning. You chased me down last year, MY APOLOGIES!

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Haha no worries, you weren’t the only one. Luckily I know where you “live” :wink:

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