¡2023 Bloody Mary (and Mimosas) Monday!

Did Denise get taken care of? She is coming? :slight_smile:

I don’t even like Bloody Marys. I just like Bloody Mary Monday. :smile:


Denise will be there!!! We’re so excited! Many thanks to @culasthewiz for getting us hooked up with the right trades!


I simply couldn’t imagine a BMM without her delightful garnishes :wink:

no grapefruit for folks on many thyroid meds too.

Lucas, I’ll bring 4 tomatoes, 4 prosecco, an OJ, and a Cranberry

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Heck yes! We’re shaping up pretty good but still need some more goodies!

Hey all - I can’t believe we’re only a handful of weeks away!

We’re still on the hunt for a few remaining items to complete this shindig!

If you’d like to contribute, check the list here (it’s read only, post below what you plan on bringing) and let us know what gaps you can fill in!

Can’t wait :slight_smile: :cocktail: :tomato:

Put me down for one bottle of tomato juice and one large jar of garlic and jalapeno stuffed olives.


Awesome - thanks Jenny!! Sorry to miss y’all the other day for Billy. Hope you had a blast!

Just a few more things for and we’ll be squared away! 5 more tomato juices, a few more garnishes (we don’t need to fill the entire list because we often end up with extra, it’s just nice to have variety) and a few bags of ice and we’re set for bloodies! Just a couple OJs and mimosas are good to go! :slight_smile:

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Put me down for the last 5 tomato juices.

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Thanks a ton Adrian!

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Can we get 1 more more folks willing to bring 52 oz of OJ? And if a couple of people could plan on bringing a bag or two of ice to the bathhouse around 9:30am on Monday, that’d be rad AF.

Tick tock - only a short time left!

I’ll bring that OJ. And Ice shouldn’t be too hard to come by.


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Thanks homeboy! See you soon!

And with that, we should have everything we need! Looking forward to another awesome year!!

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If someone sees this and has celery salt or is making a store run and can pick up some celery salt that would be awesome. We have been on a celery salt hunt and evidently Albuquerque LOVES celery salt because it was just empty spots where the celery salt goes. Sam’s didn’t even have the 5 lb jars. :smile:

I have 1 last minute store run tomorrow, I’ll grab some.
See you Friday!


Thanks, Todd! See you soon!

Whew! Crisis averted!