zac brown band

tell you what - i didn’t expect much from them, but i thought their set was GREAT. they really got the audience amped up so early in the festival. anyone else impressed?

I totally agree.

I was expecting this to be a pretty good set, bought their CD for the drive to Telluride and was thoroughly impressed. I really think that we can expect some big things from these guys in the future.

No. Not at all.

I thought they were fantastic. One of the sets I got to see the most of, and was most excited to see.

I thought “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” was awesome.

Good stuff.

Sorry, not my cup of tea at all. When they started playing “The Devil went down to Georgia” that was it for me! Just goes to show that we all have different tastes.

I agree. People certainly have differant taistes and with myself personally, it was really hard for me to get into songs like “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and the one that had the identical chords and melody of “A Boy Named Sue”. Granted, he definitly played feel good music which WOULD go over really well at Telluride and DID. Ultimatly, if the majority of the people enjoyed them, then it was a good choice by Planet Bluegrass in my book.

well i love country music and am pretty turned off by a lot of the bubblegum pop country nowadays, but these guys seem to be bringing it right back down to the basics that made me love that kind of music in the first place. and how do you guys dislike devil went down to ga? it’s a classic!

“Devil” was waaaaay overplayed in this part of the country. I just cant enjoy it anymore.

Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much…

Being from the south originally, maybe it was nice to hear again for the first time in a long time…

being from the south and disliking devil went down to ga, freebird, or you never even call me by my name should be a punishable offense! (displaced georgian here!)

Agreed 100%. I didn’t love them, but they were very good. I did like the fact that we had a good country band playing country not rock and roll with a fiddle like you hear so often now days. It does say “Bluegrass & Country” festival on the sign over the stage and Zac Brown and Kasey Chambers added the country. Growing up on country music it gives me hope the genre might find it’s way back home knowing Zac is doing so well on the charts.

I liked alot of it. Devil was so cliche i could hardly stand it but even it was kinda cool. Who Knows with Jerry Douglas was of the wall however. I saw some stupid modern country fans storm out when they played it. But i enjoyed alot of their set.

I saw the name on the lineup but didn’t pay too much attention to it. However, I only get a country station in my '83 Toyota, so I actually knew some of his songs even though I didn’t know I did! Listening from the living room at Runamuck was quite fun. I do believe there was dancing going on, maybe even a little drinking too. :cheers

I got to have one of those, “only in Town Park” experiences with Mr. Brown.

It was 3am or so Thursday morning, when a large group of people (one with a guitar) walk up to our tarp looking for musicians. Because we were more listeners than players, I took them to a pick in Primative. As we are walking I find out I am talking to the Zac Brown band and Zac Brown himself! They were fresh off of a plane from Nashville (they had just won a CMT award.)

Mr. Brown and his band proceeded to sing and play the most soul stirring songs you could hope to hear at 4 in the morning. My wife was a big fan before the festival, and now, I am too. I am a fan because of this experience, but also because he seems to really be playing country music, not the poppy crap most country “artists” play today.

:cheers :rock :rock :rock :dance

i had a similar experience last year at around four in the morning when i ran into a girl from uncle earl, vince from leftover, the guitar player from the punch brothers and the mandolin player from greensky jammin out downtown at four in the morning on the sidewalk!

thats awesome!

This was the band I was determined not to like!! All I had heard was that they were “commercial country”. I wanted no part of them!! :mad Of course they totally blew me out of the water!!! Bought the CD and listened to it a bunch on the way home to SoCal :lol Thanks Planet Bluegrass for challenging my musical tastes :thumbsup Big Al

I loved them they were great!!!

What a pleasant surprise they were, actually I overlooked how much I enjoyed that set when bringing back Fest highlights. Wish I was in primative @ 4am; gotta move w/ the Spirit. Common Free… were you talking during that set? I’m fortunate tolook forward to Citizen Cope Sat. night Town Park, hope I can be there.

Are you kidding me? Their presence was a disgrace to fans that come from near and far to see world class musicianship, not dumb downed pop country crap. I could not believe Planet Bluegrass invited them to grace the same stage that has hosted the likes of Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, John Hartford and Vassar.

I even gave them a chance until Abercrombie Zach called Charlie Daneils his hero and proceeded to play the most overplayed overated cover song ever. Not to mention, calling Charlie Daniels your personal hero? Do his other heros include Bob Jones or David Allen Coe (insert southern racist here).

maybe you had your ears closed. they played straight country music about dogs, chickens, jesus, beer, etc. it’s not the kind of “pop country crap” that we’re used to nowadays. and charlie daniels rocks. so does david allan coe. and if you didn’t have your ears closed, you would have heard that zac brown was a damn good picker himself.