You Might be a TBF Festivarian IF ??????

I thought this would be fun to Kick off maybe we can get a good list together

You have AT Least One room decorated with TBF posters , flags , beads

Your closet is At least 3/4s Telluride Tshirts

i have more but its yalls turn …

:cheers :cheers :cheers :festivarian :cheers :cheers :cheers

The Daily Line-Up is printed and posted in the Kitchen AND the Bathroom!

You’re from Florida and made the decision to cruzzz into Telluride with someone from Alaska. :slight_smile:

Hope Lin :pickin

Lmao Nice HOPE !!

Not sure I qualify since this is going to be my first TBF but I think I’m heading in the right direction…

TBF hasn’t even begun this year and I’m already making plans for next year :thumbsup

Yup! You qualify alright! I’ve done the same… and this is also my first year at TBF. :lol

Hope Lin :pickin

  1. you call in january to discuss your job with your supervisor
  2. you have shirts that only get worn during TBF, ie: hold the mustard
  3. you get emails in april from your friend regarding your in-town storage of tarps, chairs, etc

You move from California to Colorado just so you’re closer to Telluride! :thumbsup

You are celebrating your 25th anniversary of going to TBF…


  • you get it in writing that your children will not plan June weddings… or July… or any month when you have to go to a festival. :thumbsup

  • you have a shoebox full of old festival wrist bands and actually think they might be good tree ornements or maybe a collage and even when you admit that they won’t, you won’t throw them away. :eek

  • you tell your boss that your :quote sister is getting married just so you can be at a Town Park wedding and hope your boss never catches on that you don’t have a sister.

  • you are sick enough to go to the doctor but make it a priority to make sure that the antibiotic is one that lets you be in the sun and drinking beer because you are on your way to Telluride! :sick

  • you are willing to make sure that a fellow festivarian doesn’t miss out completely by taking Flat Larry to Telluride! :pirate

…you plead with your doctor to get your knee surgery right away (which actually prolongs your time in the navy) to be sure you were up and walking in time for the festivities!..By the way got the surgery and can’t move right now. :lovedr

I don’t think I am qualified to call myself a “festivarian” just yet, as this will be my first. I’m still in AAA waiting for the call to the big leagues. I do however make the circuit(if you can call it that) in Missouri.

I have the set times posted on the wall in my office. I went to REI this morning to buy gear just for TBF. I have a Telluride playlist on itunes that has 486 songs from artists performing at TBF this year. Oh yeah and I have a pull the date off calendar that currently says it is 37 days until I start the drive from St Louis to Telluride!

Cheers!!! :thumbsup :cheers

Your wife is due to have a child the first week of July, and you have to think twice whether or not you should go the festival.

any that don’t fit ya anymore?? “hint” . . . . love this thread idea Ron! keep em’ comin’ festifriends!!!

had to respond, I too am a first timer and I too have already made plans for next year! LOVE IT!

You start your shopping, planning, packing two months in advance and wonder why you waited until the last minute.

You realize you forgot to run 3 miles a day to be able to participate in the tarp run without having to walk or crawl, I guess your shift will be sleeping in line again this year.

spend your weekends practicing your tarp toss in the backyard instead of spending time with your family

did write-in votes for Sam Bush in the last three presidential elections

have never understood why they call those things they play in symphony orchestras “violins”

Find yourself alone in your bedroom admiring your collection of thongs (Ron)

have a drawer with $600 in quarters in it to be sure the government doesn’t run out of them just prior to Telluride denying you hot water

you are more pissed about people trying to scalp Town Park tickets for a grand then you are about the war, poverty, or global warming

sit out on your deck in the middle of the winter playing your guitar while freezing to toughen yourself up for Telluride

get into drunken bar fights over whether Chris Thiele, Mike Marshall or Sam Bush is the best madolin player

refuse to talk, associate or even acknowledge the existence of anyone who does not know who Bela Fleck is

believe that when Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech, he was talking about getting a vehicle pass for town park

you really, truly get weepy when you hear that song “Packing for Telluride”

You have a bumper sticker to elect Sam Bush…

:quote refuse to talk, associate or even acknowledge the existence of anyone who does not know who Bela Fleck is :quote

Suddenly find that you're on this guys profle page thinking, "Hey, what's so evil about that?" :lol :lol :lol

HiBanji from the Campus  :pickin
Hope Lin

You read through these posts and keep saying to yourself, “I do that!”

you go dumpster diving to prepare for rummaging through the “Free Box”