You know festival is getting close when................

You come home and kitchen is covered in sticky goo and everything smells like rootbeer… but you have a very excited child.

you have your sun room as a stageing area for you Shit !

… when you can’t walk through the living room because you have all of your camping gear piled there!
I hope that we do not have visitors before time to leave.

you start gettin crabby at work :frowning: :frowning:

someone starts a post with the heading “You know the festival is getting close when…”

…you pack ten 32 oz. bottles of Cherry Cream ale and two keglets (1 Cherry cream and 1 Portland Pale ale) lovingly in a wooden crate for transport!

It slowly sinks in that you haven’t done nearly enough training throughout the year… :eek

You put new batteries in the farting goose and you make a trip to the grocery once a day to start staging! :lol :lol :lol :lol

…You know you should be practicing your 5 minute showers and have not!

Does thinking about them while in the shower count???

Your neighbor comes over, the livingroom is a huge mess of clothes piles, and you explain that you are trying to find the winter clothes… He looks at you odd since it is 100 degrees

I always wait till the second week of June to look for winter clothes. Its kind of fun complaining to the clerks about them not stocking winter clothes, which in turn leads to “Fest-arrhea of the mouth” [1]

Your beautiful wife is threating to divorce your ass cause you wont shut up about Telluride !

You haven’t done a thing to get organized for festival and you’re starting to panic. :eek

Put down the Martini and get your ass in gear !

Not panicing, Tom, but the dog is! She is on my heals for the next two weeks. She knows we’re "Packing for Telluride’!

your jonesing to leave for Telluride yesterday

You dust off the Landshark Festi chair, start looking for your squirt gun and yer shark named Gill that is made out of Duk Tape :flower

You stock up on sunscreen ranging from 30 to 70 SPF and pack it with the raincoats and fleece.

Check the forum every 5 min to see if anybody has typed something new… :wave