Worst TBF memories

I received a free ticket from my employer and was arrested for trying to enter with a forged or whatever ticket. Total crock of you know what. I sat in jail for hours and should’ve sued for false arrest. The walk back to my residence at the time wasn’t easy either. This was about 10 years ago, Telluride organizers/cops back then, what a joke.

Have things changed, do the festival organizers still freak out about people supposedly trying to sneak in? The year after my injustice, I went to the festival organizer to show my legal documents concerning my false arrest and received a one day pass. I should’ve received a 3 day pass.

tbone -

I don’t know the details of your previous situation…it was before my time. Let’s keep it in the past.

I will however state without reservation that we, the festival organizers, will still “freak out” about people trying to sneak in or use counterfeit anything.

Anyone attempting to do so will be arrested.

All of that said…we’re a real fun bunch and I’ve never really experienced a “scene” in my 5 years.

Your story is the exception, not the rule…come back and give us another try.



No bad memories of TBF, so my worst TBF memories are good memories. :thumbsup

The worst was some of the outhouses. SO this year it’s bring along a porta-potty.

That being said I can’t think of anything bad.

Worst memories? Leaving Telluride Bluegrass Festivals on Mondays… :frowning:

Our tent door zipper broke and we had to try to clip it with clothes pins everytime I would move the pins would fly off. Needless to say we froze our butts :lol off

I had heat stroke my first year, that’s about it for bad memories.


One time Sam Bush tore it up so bad that he actually blew my mind. Now I dont have a mind. Its unfortunite but worth it.

Once back in 2005 I accidentally fell asleep and missed one whole set!! Damn it!!! I’m still pissed and it’s like 5 years later!

Maybe when I had my face melted off by Leftover Salmon in 2008. I left it in the festival grounds. Good thing it’s biodegradable :lol

I burnt some bacon once.

Last year the wind blew down our ez-up while i was cooking bacon…oh the humanity!

0, none, zilch…



That’s hilarious.

:cheers :lol :cheers :lol :flower

This is awesome. :lol :cheers :thumbsup :concert :hop :dance :band :abduct

Other than the manatee (hilarious), I have to agree with BillyBeru. Worst TBF memory: leaving.

I’ll second this motion. Leaving on Monday after the fest is so… so… oh, gosh, don’t get me started. :frowning:

Can’t wait to see you folks!
Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green