Hi all,
I will be getting to Telluride on June 9th and camping. Unfortunately I will need to take a few hours that day and possibly Tuesday to help finish up a grant from work. Anyway know where I can go in Telluride with a laptop to access wireless? Preferably somewhere relatively quiet where I can read and write…

:wave Baked in telluride has wireless…not necessarily the quietest place though.

The library is very close … and quiet! They have some rules about that stuff there!

Baked in Telluride has wireless. I used it last year with no problems. It should be relatively quiet at that early date :wink:

Guys Town Park is Now WiFi

Jess? Seriously? Grant writing in a turlet stall? Very niiiice!

xoxo Rhonny

Has anyone determined the source of said TP Wifi?


Mystery rays from space!!!

it’s from the HEEEEN!!!

I too would like to know about this wifi. If it’s for real (and not some transient source), I’d bring my laptop to email friends with up to the minute photos and music news. But I don’t want to drag the computer along if the signal is going to evaporate at a moment’s notice.

Yeah… watch that wireless slow to a “Molasses in January” pace once everybody gets there. Now that I think about it, I’ll still be making the trek into Baked to check on the grandbaby.

xoxo R


OH NO you mean I can still cut payroll and do the books for the company while at TBF,HELL NO!!!
This girl is not takin’ her laptop. I don’t even want to look at it for 7 days.

Job, what job? I have no job(for 7 days) :medal

Fair warning is that it’s not our wifi service, I/we don’t know where it’s coming from…so it’s stability is not guaranteed.


I always thought the point of going to Telluride was to be wireless for a week! :bash

Well said brother ! :flower

I just turned off my voice mail in preparation for leaving for Telluride. If you’re calling my cell phone, and I know you’re in Telluride, I’ll answer. Everyone else gets no answer and no opportunity to leave me any annoying voice mails. Frankly, there’s just no time to deal with “outsiders” while festivating.

Well how else can this poor guy keep up with yall !
Oh Great Now Im an Outsider!!
Bevin bring the 2x4

Bevin, I suggested a plan to Ron yesterday on the phone.

Take the 2x4 and a roll of duct tape with you when you go to pick up the chiles. Bean him o’er the head, tape up the necessary bits, and toss his happy ass in the back of your van (presumably in such a manner that you don’t alert other motorists or law enforcement). I safely assumed (and Ron confirmed) that there is no way in HELL Deb is going to drive to Telluride to fetch him, and I’m sure he can catch a ride home, right?

Deb has two strapping young men to help her move… plus her daughter and a two year old that’s been eating for free now for 2 years and 9 months (put that child to WORK!). Ron is doing nothing other than drinking bloodies, beer and parking his decadent little self right here on the Forum. So you KNOW he’s just in the way.

She’ll forgive him in no time… plus I saw this little ditty in the “Man Code” book once (I snuck a peek):

''tis better to beg forgiveness than ask permission"

So there you have it. Besides, if Ron KNOWS this is happening, he’ll hurry and get as much done today and tomorrow as possible, in an effort to mitigate Deb’s anger and shorten the length of the “dry spell”… if you know what I mean. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

So see? Easy-peasy… Get on it boys!


Rhonny you know We Love you all
But if you think Im gonna miss our
anniversary AGAIN
and the chance to "break in "
the rooms in our new house on the Soltice
:wink: :cheers

what’s the matter Ron, doesn’t the new house come with keys? :rollin :rollin :rollin