Who's going to Chicago for GD50 & has it affected your TBF plans?

I know there’s a decent sized overlap of GD fans who regularly come to TBF & since the “GD 50th reunion” in Chicago is only a couple weeks after the festival, have any of you made any adjustments to your normal Bluegrass plans … whether it’s not getting to Telluride as early as you normally would, camping instead of hotel, etc.?

Personally, I’m doing the same drill @ Bluegrass and will be making a solid effort to get to Chicago for the shows; provided I get tickets … which could be a major issue if it’s true that hoards of people are coming out of the woodwork for this event. As much as I consider a core four reunion to be a focal point for me in 2015, if it starts looking like a major hassle re: no tix & huge crowds, I might bail and go to HSMF to see SCI on the weekend of the 4th.

I’d like to think that had Jerry survived, he would’ve somehow someway made a (stealth) appearance at the TBF by now … whether it was with Rice/Grisman, O&ITW, or some other magical collaboration!

I’m planning on doing both as well, but I’m not a TBF camper/early arriver the way I would prefer to be; I usually get there Wednesday morning and we rent a condo.

We are doing both. This year we were going to try to get a house or a condo instead of camping like the past 2 years, but once this got announced that chunk of change is going to the Dead 50th and camping it is again.
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Years ago I said to my wife if Trey ever plays with the dead I cannot miss it.

Telluride was always a dream too for us and we pulled the trigger this year.

I plan on both and no new bathroom upgrades this year

I like your style psuruns10. This kind of trade off happens a lot in my house.

I’m also hoping to go to Chicago to celebrate 50 amazing years with the Dead family if I am fortunate enough to get tickets. How about if anyone gets extras they post them on the TBF ticket trading forum so we can ensure a nice big TBF crowd in Chicago?

I sure wish I could do both, but when reality sets in I’ll be in Telluride for 10 days in June and will be hoping to “couch tour” the Chigaco shows, assuming they stream them live. And why wouldn’t they? The Phish organization has the live streaming thing down and there’s got to be countless old Deadheads who won’t be able to make it to Chicago in July. I’m just hoping they announce a live stream once they sell out of actual tickets to the shows.

I knew the demand for these tickets would be really high but holy shit, already over 350,000 ticket requests so far for the 3 nights just through the mail order. Trying to get tickets through Ticketmaster will be near impossible, as usual. These are going to be some tough tickets…


I saw the core four with Warren Hayes and the Allman Bros at Deadheads for Obama rally and the venue held maybe 12000 and the tickets were a easy score in the lot. I think that was the last time the p,aged together.

The last time the core four played together was the Rothbury Music Festival in 2009. They toured in 2009; I caught them on the last night of the tour at The Gorge, and then they played Rothbury.

My bad. Memory alittle fuzzy that night.

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A little Cliffy Clavin action going on in here. :cheers

I’m thinking about making a drive out to Chicago for the Dead shows. We’ll see how the ticket situation comes together but it’s looking like they’re opening up more of the floor as GA, and hopefully those won’t be hovering around the $200/night mark…

I’m stoked their going to have broadcasting through the U.S. . Those tickets will be hard to get as well .


I did not see such an announcement.
Do you have a link to reference? :wave

Thanks for the correction “they’re” Tom . I read it in the new Rolling Stone Mag. . Trey Anastasio and Bruce Hornsby will be playing as well .

The promoter, Shapiro, has said that simulcast and
a giant screen located near venue are possible options
But I have it seen any final confirmation.

Promoter and )Relix/Jambands.com_ publisher Peter Shapiro tells the magazine that he and co-promoters Madison House Presents are “looking at going 360” so they can open up the seats behind the stage. He says that the field will likely be general admission “to accommodate more people and have more of a vibe” and that there will be a taper’s section, special commemorative tickets and a “safe, energetic lot scene.” Shapiro also told Rolling Stone that he is looking into simulcasting the event around the country, and that he is already holding the dates at his venues.