Who's going to Chicago for GD50 & has it affected your TBF plans?

Found out part of my order was filled via email today. Now have to find a away to make it happen or trade for night grass tix


Kinda wish they’d let us know which day(s) … since as it stands, they’re effectively stimulating more unnecessary demand for the online sale by keeping those who’ve had their mail order request filled in the dark re: the specifics.

Hadn’t really thought about trading for or with TBF tix … guess we’ll see a lot of interesting trades/deals go down.

Way to go psruns. I’m not sure it matters if you know where/when because having extras should be the least of your worries. You are getting the commemorative ticket and you are walking in. Congrats!

I got my mail order back a few weeks ago but my buddy still has not gotten anything back or an email. Fingers crossed.

Apparently this is the latest from GDTS – looks like they’re at least trying to let us know.

GDTSTOO Update today:

Please note: If you only sent in one envelope and received an email stating that you will receive tickets, then your whole order will be filled. If you sent in multiple envelopes, then we can only guarantee that at least one of your orders has been filled and we will not be able to provide you with which date was chosen at this time.
If you did not include an email on your 3 x 5 we will not be able to let you know if you have received tickets.
Thank you for your patience.
The crew of GDTS TOO

That is great news.

Best of luck to those of you trying for tix today!

34 mins
Hoping to get more tix today. Don’t know which days I earned through mailorder

I am trying hard to go but got shut out again today :frowning:
If you have extra’s, I’d love them
I’m in Boulder

I am missing TBF and Town Park this year as my GDTStoo mailorder got filled–3 nights on the field!
Sad to miss 2015TownPark craziness but just can’t pull off both. See ya next year :cheers


I am doing both. I have been eating a lot of rice and beans to save up on money

Congrats on getting tix!

I got shut out, but will wait and see if anything shakes loose … although I realize the odds are relatively low.

Otherwise, might try to make it to Santa Clara the weekend after Bluegrass - if the rumor is true. I’d still stick around for Bluegrass regardless.

Thanks–pretty excited when my buddy (MHBTR) got Mailorder for TownPark a couple months ago. Now we get the ‘golden ticket’ to Chicago… [and one last ‘dead tour’ is just too much to pass up this summer and I just can’t find a way to do both]. Actually it worked out well as we can help out our ‘family’ in The Herd at Town Park with the passes and still have a memorable road trip to see the Boyz one last time.

I sure am going to miss seeing Rhonda Vincent though! There is an old saying “There really is nothing quite like a Grateful Dead concert”. It is true. But I’d argue that same expression could be used on TBF—nothing else quite like it!

Didn’t get Chicago tix, but just lucked out with Santa Clara.

As it turns out, might wind of up having to bail on Sunday in Telluride … since I might take a trip to California the week leading up to the Santa Clara shows.

At the least, will be conscious of toning it down a notch @ TBF … simply as a matter of “pacing myself”.

Crazy thought for a Friday afternoon. Given GD50, the fact that many Festivarians are Dead Heads and Yonder’s proven willingness to tailer a Conference Center set, I wonder if we could get our friends in Yonder to consider making one of their CC sets this year a Dead Set? Wouldn’t that be a fun way to kick off the festival and create a link to Fare Thee Well?

I fully support this movement.

Second that emotion. :thumbsup

I third that emotion! We were fortunate to score 2 Friday’s in Chicago and will still be at TBF this year! We are crazy grateful that we are attending both!

I wonder if any of our friends reading this at Planet Bluegrass who might also like this idea might be able to nicely put our suggestion in front of the band (pretty please)?

Just saw Leftover extended their run over the weekend. July 3 playing Old and in the Way set during set break of the Dead followed up by a late night electric set. July 4th doing the same thing, streaming the Dead show with a Grisman/Garcia set followed by electric late night set.

Going to be a epic weekend of music

They are doing this in Chicago?