Who would you like to see at Folks Festival?

While the phones are ringing, and the contracts are being drawn up…who would YOU like to see at the Folks Festival?


Although I’d rather see her at Telluride (simply because I can’t make all three festivals) I think Sarah Olson would be a good fit for folks.

She’s been performing for us in Town Park for many years as part of the “Fishbone” camp, and has gained some success.

Will Kimbrough and Todd Snider

I’m listening to Bawlers from the Orphans collection and I thought, Wow how cool would it be to have Tom Waits at FF.

I can dream, can’t I?

I second the Todd Snider nomination- always a highlight of the summer for me. I also think FOlks Festival needs a little comic relief from time to time.

I also would love to have the Indigo Girls back…

I’ll third the Todd nomination. He’s is one of my favorites. :medal

I actually got to see him with a band, playing under a fake name in Nashville the day before X-mas Eve.

I was hanging out with some friends in Nashville and one of them got a call. “Todd Snider is playing RIGHT NOW at the Crow’s Foot (I think that was the name of it) in East Nashville.”

…we jumped up, payed our tab and booked it to said bar. It ended up being a great night. :rock :drunk

Blanche, Hem, Robbie Fulks (w or w/o Danny Barnes), Eleni Mandell, Buddy Miller, Tift Merritt, Laura Cantrell, Donna The Buffalo, Kevin Welch & Kieran Kane, Lee Ann Womack (yeah, really), Bill Kirchen, Dave Alvin, Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, Asylum Street Spankers, Fred Eaglesmith…off the top of my head so far.

Well heck… I’ll second Telluride Tom’s recommendation for Sarah Olson. Her incredible voice and songwriting have been blowing my mind for the past 12 years in Town Park. I have no doubt that she would similarly wow the audience at Folks!


Tim O’Reagan,
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter,
Great Lakes Swimmers,
Shannon McNally…

lol - I have suggested Tom Waits on the show survey every year! And I always write - “a woman can dream, can’t she?”

Someone else I’d like to see - and much more likely to actually appear - Chris Smithers.


Ooh, Robbie Fulks… I’ve always wanted to see him play. Is he really touring with Danny Barnes now? Anyone seen any of these shows?

Todd Snyder
Eliza Gilkerson

I would like to see Sloan Wainwright. I think it would take a miracle worker to get her there, though!

I see you found your avatar, and figured out how to upload it. :thumbsup
It’s a very interesting one at that. :medal

it’s ME… well it’s my head on that skinny little body anyway! You might have to freeze it to look at it.

i am sure I will be turning flips at all the festivals this summer!


I just saw the Be Good Tanyas in Denver and they would be so wonderful to see where you can dance around in the warm grass!

Tracy Grammer and Jim Henry!

y first time to Folks was specifically to see Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. Sadly that didn’t happen. Dave died the previous month. I had seen them once somewhere else during the previous year. Tracy’s determination to keep Dave’s music out there has led her to where she is today. I hear nothing but rave reviews of Tracy and Jim. I think it’s time to have them at Folks.


Danny Schmidt!
and you can see him at South by Soutwest in Austin in March. I know a crew from Planet Bluegrass attended last year and hope you can get there this year, too.

I would also recommend Larry Zarella.

I’d like to see anyone, I haven’t been able to pull off a Folks fest yet. :drive :abduct
but seeing Todd Snider anywhere is a good thing. :thumbsup

Neil Young, Gillian Welch, Avett Brothers, Be Good Tanyas, Brandi Carlile, Erin McKeown, James McMurtry, Patty Larkin, Patty Griffin