Who will the remaining artists for 2022 be????

Should be hearing from the Planet in the next few weeks about the remaining 2022 line-up announcements! By my estimates there’s about 10-12 slots left, if they follow the traditional daily schedule. I’m guessing 2-3 of these slots are still evening headliner acts!
Here’s who I’d like to see:
Billy Strings
Marcus King
Dolly Parton
Allison K
Kyle Tuttle Band
Hot Rize
The Dillards
High Hawks
Sierra Hull
Any Brass band or heavy on the horns section.

Hope everyone is doing well as we approach the end of Winter! Summer is almost here! Can’t wait to see all your faces!

I think High Hawks/LOS are probably the best bets on this list.

No way they can get Billy at this juncture (it’d be cool but let’s be realistic here).

Hot Rize would be a blast but they’ll already be at RG so I doubt that’s a legit option.

What about Rucksack Revolution/some form of Sarah Vos?

Throwing out The Dip as my darkhorse brass/horns contender!

Super excited to see what they drop on us!

Don’t crush my dreams Lucas! I’m still holding out for BMFS since he was on the 2020 bill, and though he’s getting huge fast, he’s still going to play festivals, and he hasn’t been a headliner, or even an evening act at TBF yet! So far he only has festivals booked in the summer. I’m going to keep sleeping with all my limbs and digits crossed!! No matter who, I too am pumped to see what cards PB is holding! And, Nightgrass!

It’s not on my list, because it’s a total left field option, but Ween especially w/ the shit Creek Boys would be fantastic!

Ha, I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just setting my own mental expectations.

BTW, the mention of High Hawks got me thinking, if they get them that really opens the door for LOS of course but also Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Great American Taxi, and RRE. That’s probably too many big names I guess but it’s fun to consider as a possibility!

OH and I forgot Dark Star!

Not necessarily advocating, but pointing out-

ZZ TOP plays Taos, NM on June 18 with no tour dates just prior

When I’ve seen them, it’s always been fun and Billy Gibbons is a hell of a guitar player

Tony Kamel…hopefully with Wood & Wire

Sierra Ferrell would be awesome

Dead South would be an excellent addition!!!

I just saw that Billy Strings is going to be at Bonnaroo on Sat. June 18th. So unless he’s doing multiple festivals on the same weekend I’m afraid you are correct. Lucky for me I got tickets to see him in Dallas on April 23rd. I can’t wait!

I’d love to see them book Trampled by Turtles. So bummed we didn’t get to see both them and Billy in 2020. :sob:

Lots of bands play two, even three festivals in one weekend. Seems many bands switch from tour bus to steam powered aeroplanes during summer festival season, where you might play California on Thursday and New York on Saturday. I’m betting near half the artists at TBF fly into Telluride. I’m still holding out until PB says no!

I hope Pete Wernick from Hot Rize bounces back from his heart attack and pacemaker install.

Youre right about acts flying in and out quickly. Billy just announced dates for June 15,16 and 18th OH, MO, and TN respectively. He’d have to be Fri or Sun. Dont see him making TBF this year, but it would be great to be wrong.

Just announced… Sunday night headliner slot is officially open. WHO KNOWS?!

Me. There’s two there actually.

HAHaHa HE HE He, funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Do tell Ferg, please oh pretty please. The internet bluegrass geeks want to know! It is March already, sneak it to the Forum first! Oh, how I love the suspense!

:lol love it! Two spots indeed! Robert Earl Keen Jr ('88, '15) on his farewell tour… Turnpike Troubadours (Hartford influenced, Okie Goodness) on their welcome back tour… :wink:

Plant/Krauss. Book it.

Stuart Duncan plays with them and they would be an excellent fit!