What's your favorite CHAIR to bring to TBF??

It’s been a few years since I had a good festy chair. My last good ones just up & went home on Sunday night w/someone else in 2015.

I’m mid-40s w/a little joint pain, so I want a good, comfortable seat to enjoy the music from.

I figured some of y’all must have chairs you love. High-back, low-back, CrazyCreek-style… Please share your favorites! Thanks :blush:

Hi! Gear nerd here :wave

Asking the REAL questions!

Budget High Back $40:
I’m on the bigger side of average (6’1, 210lbs) so when I’m looking for a chair I want it to be sturdy and roomy enough for me to wiggle around in all day. I am also looking for some basic storage. This puppy has served me well for several years and, unlike similar models, this one is built to last and not fall apart after a few uses but I’m not going to get torn up if it grows legs and walks off as can happen on occasion.

Mid Range High Back: $75
If the above Magellan ever breaks I’ll probably end up getting a Kelty Deluxe (although I’m not amped about the lack of storage). They just have a super solid return policy and are known for being quite durable.

Premium High Back $65-95:
This is the ultimate in chairs and you’ll see a TONNNNNN of them around camp and fest at TBF. GCI Rockers. Lots of options to choose from and I’ve tried all of them and they’re great

Ultra Budget Lowback $0:
Am I a weirdo for liking to sit on the ground cross legged? Probably. But often that’s where you’ll find me, so long as I have a nice Tarpestry to sit on.

Budget Lowback $16:
Ye olde standard stadium seat. Tried and true, lightweight, but not the most comfy (for me). But still worth mentioning.

Midrange Lowback $75:
I’ve had a Kelty Lowback for over 6 years and it’s still going strong. Durable is the name of the game. Also consider the mesh version, $60 if you’ll be using it exclusively in warm weather (although I haven’t found the regular one to be too hot)

Premium Lowback $120:
Helinox makes a good variety of chairs and I’ve checked them out but they’re too spendy for me. The big pro for these is portability with solid comfort. I like this one because it doesn’t sink into wet grass as much as the Helinox Zero chair for example.

I’m sure you’ll get a LOT of good opinions here but that’s my .02!

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Oh, wow – much appreciated!! :thumbsup

That’s some good info!
Let me ask for some feedback - I have this chair. http://www.rei.com/product/198783/gci-outdoor-sunshade-backpack-event-chair
I bought it because it’s a low-rise chair, but will I be able to use the sun shade (assuming i am in front of the sound board)?

We have 4-5 different Helinox chairs.

Whaddya think of them?

We have not had any problems. Except for the one that got burnt when our land caught on fire. Now it has melted rocker legs, but still functions properly. Had our oldest ones about 6-7 years, use them all the time, and no issues. They cost over $85 for the base models, and go up to 200+. But, high quality, and built to last!
I’ve had GCI, Kelty, and many other chairs. I think Helinox is the best we’ve owned. Haven’t tried them all.
You have to factor, weight, ease of set-up, and comfort.

Yeah, that sunshade won’t fly in front of the sound board

Plus 1 for the GCI rockers.

If you can find them now, since these worked great they now make new ones to be inferior- REI Comfort Low and REI Comfort Low Armchair. These have the adjustable lumbar or head pad.

For camp or far enough back, nothing like a zero gravity for sleepy nappy time if weight is not an issue.

My husband and I both find this lightweight chair VERY comfortable. I love that you can easily adjust it to camp mode or beach mode. (Costco currently sells it online for $59)


:wave :festival :lovedr
Still my favorite fest chair. Yes, it can be a bit difficult for the fairly uncoordinated folk, or overly inebriated, but very comfy, and easy to pack & carry.
Used to be very popular @ TBF? Just don’t try to get up with a drink in the cupholder.
I have a few that that still work after fifteen years? :thumbsup (tho maybe frankensteined a bit?) Think I’ll buy a new one for BOx! :cheers


:thumbsup This one looks good, too! Even lighter than the Kelsyus.

Is the Kelty lowdown chair with a 12 inch seat height low enough to sit in front of the sound booth?

My seat is about 4’’ height and I’m kinda short so you’d definitely block my view. If a basketball can (roll? squeeze?) under, it’s too high.

So this had me second guessing myself because I’ve been using this chair for forever for Festival and I was really concerned that I was being a jerk with a 12-in seat height. So I just pulled mine out and measured it sure enough it’s 12 in at the actual seat height but once I sit in it my bum is about 7.5" off the ground which still fits well within the basketball rolling parameter. I’ve never had a negative comment about being too high and some of the chairs like the helinox mentioned above are definitely taller but still okay for the lowback section.

We had a guy behind us last year come up immediately after we put up the kelty low loveseats we have and say they were high back and had to be moved. We said we had been using those for years and they are perfectly fine. He was mad, got security and they said to him “those are ideal low back chairs” Kelty just added a lowdown couch this year, which I might have to add to the collection.

It takes all kinds, doesn’t it?

Kelty just added a lowdown couch this year, which I might have to add to the collection.
Wow neat! https://www.kelty.com/lowdown-couch/

Thanks. I’m glad to hear that it’ll be fine to use that chair. Now I just need REI to send my order asap. I leave next Friday and expected delivery of said chair is Thursday. I hope I didn’t cut it too close.

Hit me up if yours doesn’t show, you can use mine as a trial :wink: Please don’t eat any beans 4 hours prior.

Still no update on my order so I might have to take you up on that offer. I’ll make sure to leave the beans at home. Haha