What you can't live without....

OK, I’ll start this thread off, and you all can add whatever you think you absolutely have to have…

  1. Beer! :cheers
  2. Warm weather/Cold weather/Wet weather clothes
  3. A comfortable bed :zzz

Adding to T.Tom’s list…my list includes:

  • YOUR TBF TICKET!!! This is the most important thing!

  • A tarp.

  • Low-profile COMFORTABLE chair (sit-test chairs before you buy them for at least 15 minutes…sales people love that).

  • A disposable rain poncho.

  • Portable drink containers (Nalgenes, boda bags, flasks, Camelbaks, etc) for carrying water or something visually resembling water.

  • Your favorite festivation beverages. Make sure you give them custom names. My group’s favorites are: “Kentucky Honey Love” (aka “Hooch”…as re-named by CSI Mike), and “Crunchy Toad”.

Sun Screen, Sun Glasses, Hat. It is also nice to have a camera for those special never to be remembered moments that unless captured will never be remembered. No matter how much you bring, you always forget something - but in true festivarian spirit the people next to you might have a spare whatever and you can borrow.

  1. Everything you always forget

fleece hat and gloves.
full rain gear.
all access pass :thumbsup

quarters for the showers

Something to decorate your camp with…
Something to decorate your body with…
And a Nalgene bottle for proper hydration! :wink:

xoxo Monkeygirl

All of you guys… your great! And I can hardly wait for June to roll around.

Kaptain Karlos :hop

my steam powered coffee maker and foot slave

My extra shade in-camp cook and hang out tent.

Good spices for cooking.

Several colors of nail polish and gems for toe jobs.

The tiki bar.

LED headlamps sure are convenient when packing up at midnight in the dark.

I’m actually in the the process of redoing my packing list.
It will be posted in the middle of May. :flower

Just to fuel your abgat fever. :festival


I can justv imagine the slaes people really love you when you throw down that tarp in front of a boom box, grab a chair, put on a poncho, and crack a fatty. How long is it till they call security :lol :lol :lol


On the practical side:

A fully charged cordless screw gun, extra battery and a supply of screws can be really handy. A tough item if you flying though.

They also look at me funny when I strap the chair to my back, tuck a tarp under my armpit, and sprint through the store yelling “FESTIVALLLLLL”. But it is very important to check for equipment weight and balance before purchasing. I’ve been arrested twice.

good call. i travel with two at all times, so i didn’t even think of putting it/them on my list. hand free illumination is the best. there is a little geek factor to deal with though…

Make sure you bring warm clothing like fleece and especially rain-gear that will fit over the fleece. Even if it doesn’t rain, the rain-gear over the fleece will keep you toasty warm.

A small flashlight or head-lamp. Use for searching for stuff on your tarp in the dark, and take with you to the port-a-johns at night.

Plenty of cash. For CD’s, vendor food, beer, a shower, a meal out on the town, groceries, illicit drug money, etc…

Little two-way radios. Great for tarp to town or tarp to Town Park comunicating where cellphones don’t work. Example: Please bring me a beer on your way back from the port-a-john?

A friend to hug after you have a musical epiphany.

The Kaptain :angel

Good hiking boots, and a hammock in which to relax after you use them.

If you are coming with a family and have lots of extra gear but not many hands to carry it all with, then a “Radio Flyer” wagon is a great way to tote the tots and and all their required accessories.