Welcome to the Festivarian Forum!!

Welcome Festivarians!

As you can see, the Festivarian List just got an upgrade! We wanted to provide you all with a place that you could come and talk to each other without the hassle of losing threads or sifting through spam. We here on the Planet hope that you will find this forum to be a much better place to communicate with fellow Festivarians.
As you may have noticed there are many options on this new forum. There are boards to talk about your instruments, ticket exchange, ride sharing, and even some local forums so you can all talk about shows/events in your area! If there are places that need to be added, let us know! If there is enough demand for them, we’ll gladly add them.

Another great feature about this forum is the ability to actually create your own profile and your own “identity” here in the forum. You can add your own picture and give yourself a sense of individuality here that wasn’t available on the old list. One of my personal favorite features.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m sure everyone will have a bunch to start off, but take a little time to try and work your way around the forum first. There is a bit of a learning curve for us too, so if I/we don’t have the answer at first, rest assured we’ll find it!

So, that’s it for now. I hope you all enjoy the community that will build here. I know we are all looking forward to it.


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Just thought I’d try to correct your spelling mistake but I guess html functions either don’t work in here, or they’re different.
See the bold tag in the above quote. :wink:

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Thanks Tom. As you will soon learn, spelling is DEFINATLEY not my strong point. But hey, from what I hear, the greatest minds in history were awful spellers. :thumbsup

Oh, and to bold something highlight it and click the “B” button above the text box.

…it’s basic BBC (Buelletin Board Code) instead of basic HTML. :wink:


We turned basic HTML on, just for you. (see Brian’s post below) :flight


I like to reply.

Just tryin things out are we? :lol :wave

:cheers Nice emoticon…checking the reply feature

trying it again,

Will it sink or will it float!?

We just need more input…
I’ve invited a few major festivarian listers to join in the testing, so we’ll see.

it definatley has a different look. but then again every forum I belong to is different

What a great Idea Dustin thanks Im just poking around here

Yeah! Though I have to give Brian some credit here, too. :rolleyes


I’m excited to see how everyone takes to it. Seems to be going pretty good thus far…

:flight (I think this guy is my favorite of the smilies)

I’d like the messages posted in reverse order with the newest posts at the top of the list. Is that something I set in my preferences?

Yes… look at the FAQ.
It took me a while to figure things out too, so no worries.

very nice forum! thanks for this.


One more festivarian to the forum. Thanks PB

Nice looking site you have here. :slight_smile:

Is everyone here from out west??
I’m in Minney-soda – on Lake Superior’s North Shore.

I think there are festivarians from all over the country and maybe outside the country participating in this forum (or shortly will be participating in this forum). I live in Northern California in the coastal mountains but grew-up in Columbus, OH…

Kaptain Karlos

happy to be here :slight_smile: