Weezer Competition

Hey, I entered a video into a competition to play on stage with Weezer at Madison Square Garden. Would be cool to win, but I’m not sure I was able to bring my A game.


At any rate, please comment on this video and rate it high if you can. I’m not sure that will factor into the judges decision, but it can’t hurt.


That was fun!! I liked it :flower… Beautiful Banjo Adam.
For some reason I can’t get into vote. But I will keep trying…
Can’t vote cause every password I create is in use, somethings not right.

Woo!!! I won :slight_smile: Rehearsal on Tuesday, concert on Wed. This should be fun …

:hop :hop :hop :hop :clap :clap :clap :hop :hop :hop

That’s sweet! Someone will video for you and share with us I hope!

So you’re going to play on stage at MSG with Weezer? :eek

That’s pretty damn cool. :thumbsup

Please share if you can… that is so great :hug :hug :hug :vibes

Madison Square Garden!!! :thumbsup
What a treat…
Knock em dead. :cheers

Whooooohoooo indeed!!! This is super cool Adam!!! Have fun and CONGRATS!!!

Thanks for your support everyone, and congratulations to you as well Nathan! That video of you guys warming up rocked!

So MSG… never been there? Its small right? :wink:



:lol :lol :lol :eek :lol :lol :lol, hummm right :flower

Yup, tiny…just you and 20some thousand of your best friends!!! :slight_smile: so freakin cool!

Btw that is a really nifty 5 string in your video, really cool lookin’ instrument!

:flower pretty effing cool Adam :hop

have a blast and give us a full report on the Monday night after…

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

Certainly Jerry! and I’ll do one better and give you the personal account at HSB the week after…

And yes, that banjo came out wonderfully… best investment ever. Tom Nechville really did do a great job on it. I never actually posted photos once I got it, so here they are:






Really nice Adam, did you have any custom adjustments done? I think it would be so great to have an instrument custom fit to you so the ergonomics are just right.
Love the inlay work on the neck, what kind of wood is that? Really nice. :flower

Hope you have big fun at MSG, keep yer eyes wide open YEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWW :horsey :horsey :horsey :sunshine :clap :clap

Nothing custom as far as ergonomics go, mostly just the choice of woods and options.

The body and neck are both maple
the figured top of the body is walnut
the fingerboard is cocobolo (brazillian rosewood)
inlay upgrade
pickup upgrade to emg81
tunneled 5th string (so that the 5th string tuner is at the top with the rest of them
and rmc piezo pickups for each string so that it is midi capable

As for keeping my eyes wide open, I tend to play with my eyes closed, so that might be tough! :-p

Congrats. :cheers

But if you close yer eyes you’ll miss it. :lol What fun Adam, hope we get to see some photos.
I was tying to sing without closeing my eyes and keeping my emotion on an even keel and it is tough. Why do you suppose we close our eyes when we play or sing, I guess music is an emotion?? Life is good hua Adam…

:thumbsup Oh Adam all I can say is way to go man! I couldn’t be more proud of you if you were my own son! Have a terrific time sweetie, and send out the pics! :clap :clap
Much love, Cindy Lou :hug :hug :dog :dog

Congratulations Adam! That is co incredibly cool!

I can’t believe how man famous musicians I get to play with next year in Telluride! I’m so bummed to be missing HSB this year!

HUGS! That is just awesome that you will be on the stage at Madison Square Garden!!! :hug :hug

Way to go, Adam!! I am so proud of you!

And the banjo is amazing… worth the wait, I am sure.

See you at HSB… soooon!! :wave