Weather in Telluride

Highs in the 60’s Lows in the 30’s!!!
Sounds Like Telluride to me :cheers

Hey Ron, can you arrange for a couple inches of rain some time next week, then dry weather to follow that for the Festival weekend? Keeps the dust down. OK, thanks for doing that.

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Telluride, CO Weather

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Telluride, CO Radar

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I second the notion :flower

ok maybe an Inch …dont wanna get flooded

couple inches of rain

Okay, a couple of inches scares this desert dweller- that’s enough rain to turn cars into boats in tucson… How about a few sprinkles here and there with the ocasional fast moving little snowball storm…

We definitely need a snowball storm again this year. Cools things off and makes for large, dusty spots on everything in camp.

Hey, its been raining and raining in Colorado Springs and Denver… has this been going on in that part of the state? We have been having thunderstorms like it was August at Folks Fest!!! Perhaps we will have a bit wetter year this time?

It is raining in Grand Junction, there was new snow in the San Juans on Sunday. just be prepared for anything. is it raining in Arizona?

It’s clear in Flagstaff today

Its raining acroose the Street here in Abq

Clear skies in Phoenix too!!

Warm and sunny in Tucson…

Well, it does look like the weather patterns of 5-7 years ago are starting to make a comeback. It looks like we may be coming out of the multi-year drought here on the front range (Pikes Peak region). The ‘norm’ for T-ride area is/used to be some precipitation on 20 days in the month of June. That being said, I’m confident in the belief that 2 days of the festival will be visited by precipitation of some sort … be it grapple/hail in the morning, a quick T-storm in the afternoons, or a serene shower in the evenings.

Regardless, it will be a welcomed event, regardless of form or time :).



The outlook for Flagstaff is tuning to sunshine again, but we did just have 2 very strange weeks of monsoon like rain here as well. Usually May is pretty bone dry around here.
I’m excited for rain or shine at TBF, and to see people dancing in golf ball size hail/snow like last year is a beautiful thing!

whatever it is, it will be perfect… :thumbsup

I quite simply don’t care. Kimmy Jo and I will be there and thats all that matters.

you won’t be alone. there is something about memories that some stick while others do not. It is not that you want to forget, its just that certain times are easy to recall, not because that was a perfect moment, but because something happened to make it memorable. I think of all the days I am glad to forget, then I think of all the TBF memories I wish I could remember. On the other hand, letting the seconds tick by with live music taking me along for a ride, just as I remember to inhale and exhale, what could be finer? Why should I have to remember? It is just like the weather to change.

Sunshine on Friday, please. We’re hoping to get hitched that afternoon. :dancing

Sounds like fun. You better invite us all!