Weapons of Marshmallow Destruction

A couple of short videos.




Dean, thanks for the pics. Look for us again next year!!!

awesome. :lol

Every body bring one bag of marshmallows. That would be GREAT!!!

No. No. No. Bring money to pay for the clothes you’ll ruin if you must

The marshmallows something that causes to leave a good show, so also bring $$ to compensate me.

Not everybody wants gooey stuff from a stranger in their hair and clothes.

This not only sets me off (I almost hurt somebody a couple years ago when they threw one and missed me but got a 4 year old child), but almost everybody I know.

I also have a good friend who’s dress took multiple cleanings to get clean. This crap isn’t funny.

Bring one bag of marshmallows, trash bag to wear during war (and reuse afterwards), and armor for the children!!!

You can also use those trash bags to collect the used marshmellows after the fight has ended. We festivarians don’t let others pick up our refuse. :thumbsup

Throw bacon! At me! But warn me first so I can open my mouth.

Alright you’ve all proven to me that the marshmallow fight is a BAD idea. The snowball fight last year was GREAT, and it did’t leave me sticky for the rest of the day. I’ll just hope we get another SWEET storm like that in the middle of the day again.

It’s not like the marshmallows were on fire or toasted :lol
Just kidding… that would be a bad idea also… :cheers

I was thinkin the same thing, but didn’t wanna say anythin…
… multiple cleanings?? ~ What happened, did she sit on one or somethin…?!?

~ Just sayin…

:wave How about a bacon or heen fight?

we are Lovers Not Fighters !

Don’t be skered of the flying Marshmallows! I actually don’t think a marshmallow could hurt anyone…unless you are choking on one! OR, I suppose if it was like a hundred years old or something than it may be a little on the hard side?

A marshmallow is NOT a weapon!

HOLD EVERYTHING!!! You guys sre soooooo not in the know… Ping Pong balls are easy to clean up … Where is Mr. Green Jeans when ya need em man… geeesh. gotta teach you guys everything. :flower :lol

:wave Right here : Captain Kangaroo


I could see it and ya could reuse em and their not sticky and they don’t hurt…

but theirs always that one person that goes,

hey are ping pong balls edible :huh :lol go figure :lol

…I think we should all raid the stores now for the discounted marshmallow peeps and bunnies (green, pink, blue and yellow) and save them and bring them to the fest and have some colorful marshmallow wars ;). They’re all marked down 50 to 75 percent around here. Heh … so … if green rabbit marshmallows rain down on you, you’ll know where they originated! :wink:



I think that sounds great. I would definitely prefer a cute green bunny to the face rather than just plain old jet-puffed. I think yer on to something there Kevin.

Wait a minute…

Won’t the peeps be a little old and ‘on the hard side’ by June??