Weapons of Marshmallow Destruction

Hipchk has a very valid point. I think 3 month old peeps would turn into REAL weapons.

This might be a little bit painful!

:cheers Not meaning to be a curmudgeon about this… The act of throwing anything in the crowd is a really bad idea. I have sent many a beach ball soaring far away in another direction. While i think it is a very “playful” thing to do, it is dangerous and COMPLETLY distracts from the beautiful music coming form the stage.

Why can’t we respect each other? Let’s not throw anything, randomly into the crowd; It’s dangerous and unsafe. Please don’t tell LaLa about the water balloons we’re saving up for her “special” surprise… :evil


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Good catch, Hipchc … One option would be to get them and put them in the freezer, and take them out to thaw a day before. That way, they’ll be soft. However, I also see Hippie’s point, and do understand and respect his position.



I’m afraid that when you thawed the frozen peeps, they would just be mush. A better way to preserve them may be to put them in a zip lock bag with a slightly moist paper towel and then suck all the air out of the bag, then close it up! I have used this method when taking good cigars on camping trips. :wink:

:wave*** Ping Pong Balls***!!! Think about it…

I’ll bring the balls if you bring the paddles!!!

Better yet, how’s bout whiskey filled water balloons! Or sling-shot bacon!

Well…I thought about it…Ping Pong Balls are NOT environmentally friendly and how would you be able to keep track of every single one to make sure none end up in the creek and causing littering?

Also…there are children that could possibly put them in their mouths (isn’t there some child warning on a package of ping pong balls?).

Now…if you could come up with a bio-degradable ping pong ball that would melt in your mouth (and maybe be bacon flavored) then this might be a good idea.

I’m with Jerry on the just don’t throw things…not to be a “stick-in-the-mud” on this as I do love to see those glowy things and beach balls floating thru the air, it’s just no fun getting hit with something when you are completely involved in the music that surrounds you. Bummer.

I agree Connie.

I have to say I’m on the con side of the issue as well. when my youngest was about 6 or 7 she caught a frisbee in the face at a show! I’ve been hit few times with various forms of party debris. even if you remove the danger, and environmental aspects, it’s still a real buzz kill! if you have to do something have a mass bubble launch between sets.

Ok, I thought about it and I have to be honest that I am drawing a big goose egg. :huh

Why do ping pong balls have advantages over marshmallows?

I’m thinking…I’m thinking…I’m thinking Captain Kangaroo. Nope, I don’t get it.