Water Guns?!?!

How does every one feel about water guns in the festival?


Let’s discuss…

I really dig that the kids are running around festivating and letting it all hang out and having a ton of fun.

:wave Go ahead Squirt me, I dare ya… It better be water :rolleyes :rolleyes
It’s always nice to ask permission before begging for forgiveness.


I’m detecting a theme and I’m wondering if some folks have some pent up aggression that needs to be let out.

First there is the specter of mass chaos in the form of riotous marshmallow anarchy. Now water guns are being thrown into the mix.

Yes, there are plenty of young ones at TBF who sport water guns and that’s kool and the gang. If some of the adults want to play with water guns as well, heck, that’s your journey.

I will be either dancing upfront, dancing on my tarp, or buying beer. If there’s a water gun so be it.

Ahhh reminds me of back in the Day Water Gun Battle I had with Then young Eric Greene :cheers

I thought it was a good topic for discussion. My group of friends and I seem to get in a water gun fight with all the festi-children at least once a year. It’s also nice to have something to keep spraying yourself with through out the day.
But a word of advice for those that bring water guns… DON’T SPRAY THE KID WITH THE SUPER-SOAKER. You be wet from head to toe for the rest of the festival.


Be respectful of those with digital cameras or cell phones. :eek
Water and electronics don’t mix too well. :flower

My Soaker was Bigger !!!

Totally luv em… :evil Wanna have a show(squirt) down :evil :flower :cheers

:evil Oh Jerry… :evil :evil I will know where to find you :lol

We don’t need water fights at the festival… it will turn the marshmallows into mushmellows…and then we all have to buy new clothes for everone… :lol
Peace Love and Bluegrass…
unless the water guns are filled with vodka or RUM… then count me in…:cheers

I say we load one gun with lime juice, another with Tequila, and then instead of throwing marshmellows we throw salt! :thumbsup :evil :cheers

That’s an awesome idea except that, due to legalities, the kids would have to ID everyone before squirting them.

:thumbsup :thumbsup
I definitely hear what yer sayin’ there Tom.
I think that could possibly ruin someone’s trip if there i phone, or $300 digital camera was on the receiving end of a water battle.
But I’m still gonna be packin’ heat this year.

Okay how about this, we fill one with scrambled eggs, another with hash browns and another with bacon bits!
Or for us eggs benedict lovers, we could fill one with canadian bacon (I know, it’s really ham), one with poached eggs, and one with Hollandaise!

Have your IDs out …I’ll bring the super soaker… :wave :cheers
We can spray Hooch with bacon greese…cool bacon greese

I second the eggs benedict gun idea. I don’t think eggs and canadian bacon will quite have the distance of water.

I’ve been known to make Hollandaise while camping. Just because you are “roughing it” does not mean you can’t eat well! Maybe that couldbecome a TP tradition. Eggs Benedict and Mimosa’s! Wooohooo! Sign me up!

:thumbsup I LOVE eggs benedict! You just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there with champagne in hand, although I prefer a good Bloody Mary with my bennies.

As far as water guns, on a hot sunny day, I love 'em, but please don’t spray me directly in the face as it messes up my contact lenses. :frowning:
Go for the body shot; it’s not hard to hit the barn side of a broad. :lol :rolleyes :rolleyes

Jo you are SOOOO Hired !
Eggs Benidict !