Does anyone have some suggestions for us (SUR!) on the Volunteering front? :huh This may be the only way we can swing TBF this year. Any and all help is appreciated. :wink: :thumbsup :cheers

Ya wanna volunteer to piggyback ride me all over the festival grounds? I pay in bacon or Crunchy Frog.

:wave Yes hit the PBG link top left, community link, volenteer link. :wave Hope to see you there. Sometimes ya gotta dodge bulletts ta get there. We all can relate. But what ever you do, BE THERE! :cheers

Bacon AND Crunchy Frog and we may have a deal! will you be wearing your Baacon thong? that will require me to drink alot of the Frog! :lol


Please Stop…

Right Now, Please…


C’mon Hope, you know its like an accident on the highway. You should’nt look but you just cant help yourself!

And when you do close your eyes it’s still there, burned into your memory for the rest of your life. :eek

I have been thinking about volunteering for a few summers now. Let me know how you like it!

I’m not the thong guy. Talk to Ron. I prefer eating my bacon as opposed to using it as apparel. But I’m certainly not judging those who do choose to wear it…especially girls in bacon bikinis. It’s stuff like that which makes America great.

Sorry. After several Crunchy Frogs and a sampling of Green Tea Ice Cream, things got a little fuzzy. Wait scratch that, I did not mean to say fuzzy. :eek I meant to say really confusing.

talking behind my back again Boys ???
indeed its “Fuzzy”
:evil :cheers :evil

My g/f and I volunteered last year. It was a good experience overall, but I’m not sure that we will do it again unless we are really hard up for money (like last year). We had to miss too many good sets (Elvis, Jerry and Tim’s opening set, Railroad Earth), especially since we were down in Illium at the campground for our shifts. Make sure you get your application in early, and you can probably get a station near the stage and still be able to hear the music.

Thanks Matt. It is our turn. The $ situation has us in the volunteer mode this year. Glad you dont have to this year. Where did you stay/sleep?

Rick and Kerri Volunterd last year and camped with us not sure how the ticket thing works out

the Planet will start accepting volunteer applications on 1/13, here’s a link. http://www.bluegrass.com/telluride/volunteer/ Kerri and I will be volunteering again this year, we both kind of liked it last year.

What did you and Kerri do Rick? How was it?

You purchase your ticket up front, then get reimbursed the festival portion after your shifts are completed (and I get back from T-ride).

SO…theoretically speaking, you’d pay $265 for a TP ticket, then get $155 refunded to you after the festival.

Great! You have two TP tickets for us? Wow Dustin, you are the best! :lol :wink:


Well played.


Pssssttttttt Useless Gimme a call


We stayed down in Illium. Its fun down there (and cheaper), but the shuttle rides are a pain in the ass. Especially at night. We were lucky enough to have an awesome supervisor who gave us rides whenever she was heading up at the same time as us. If we hadn’t been able to do that, we would likely have missed Yonder and a couple of other good sets (I’d have to look at the schedule from last year to tell you who).

The biggest thing that I can say is to make sure that you get your application in early to get a volunteer spot that is close. If (probably when, not if) we ever volunteer again, I’m putting my application in the day it opens.

More info:
They do let you request one or two shows that you don’t want to miss, and you are able to work shifts before the festival starts if you arrive early enough. We got 1 shift done on Wednesday, and would have done more, but we had to push our departure date back due to some work related issues.