UPDATE: TBF Ticket Release

Thanks so much PB for being such advocates to us Festivarians. Got my 2 4-day passes! Who hoo!

Thanks so much PG peeps.

What you see is all we will have today.


Got mine! Thank you so much, y’all! Can’t wait!

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Thanks Geoff! Maybe better luck next week!

Looking for 1- 4 day pass

I would look again next Tuesday. Good luck!


@BluegrassGeoff how will we know when WF and PB passes become available?

Keep an eye on this post. There may be an update in the morning.


Thank you so much for doing this! Got a miracle!!! Town park and fest!!! I’m in disbelief!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

whats the new password, kings last name not working!

Where does the pw work?


that went quick, probably could have got some TP but kept trying bush!

yep - no wf or did I miss it?

Congratulations! Hoping for WF here.

there’s still some 4 days with no camping up

There were only a few WF and they are already gone. The next chance to get those will be after the refund deadline of March 3rd. Good luck!

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Thanks; I’ll check then.