UPDATE: TBF Ticket Release

UPDATE 3/7: Looks like the resale tix will go probably up today! No Town Parks and just a few Warners. A bunch of 4Days and single days though.

Thanks and good luck all!
Geoff W.


Hi Geoff, wondering if these scalper screening tickets are available today, being Tuesday and all just after this announcement. Thanks in advance!


Hey Timzab, I think it’s likely! Keep checking between now and 2pm MT.


Woohoo! Fingers crossed for EV!

Thankyou Geoff and all at PB and see tickets for doing this! We were able to get 4 day passes that we needed! Woo hoo! We will be returning our thursdays and sundays…so even more tix to be had by true festavarians! Let the countdown begin!


Thank you SOOOOO much for this!! We scored our 4 day passes!! Many thanks to you and your team! See you in June!!

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Well done PB!

Any updates on more line up announcement drops? :upside_down_face:


Thank you for the head’s up - and for all the effort cleaning the scalpers out for us.

See you in June! - KK

Extremely grateful. Beyond thankful. Taking these tickets from scalpers and putting them into the hands of real Festivarians took a LOT of effort and goes to show how continually amazing PB is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Oh, I just got this message today 1/11.
I guess I will try again next Tuesday. really need a Saturday ticket or a 4 day.
Glad to have a chance anyway.

Geoff, you rock!!! :right_anger_bubble:


I was checking the whole window on Tuesday and somehow missed it!! Will there be more opportunities for Mary E camping (with or without passes)?

Hi evdanger,

The idea is we don’t say exactly when the tickets go up but I would expect some Mary Es to go up this Tuesday between 10am and 2pm MT.

Good luck!

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Hey sylehler, please see the update to my original post in this thread. Good luck!

Hey evdanger, please see the update to my original post in this thread. Good luck!

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Thank you so much! We returned our daily passes and got 4 days. You all are the best. Thanks for the scalper reviews. I know it’s not easy but we really appreciate it.

Mary E, daily, and 4-day tickets are available right now!


Woo-hoo! We got Mary E! See you all in June!

Thanks, PBG for opening up the inventory and making our day/solstice!


Thank you so much!! Our family just got our 4-day passes so we can join y’all for our 8th year!

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Congratulations all! will more tickets be added to availability later today?