Town Park Tye-Dye Take-Over !!!

:wave ATTENTION ALL ABGAT-ers !! :wave

I’ve come up with this fun, creative idea and I hope that you ALL join in and participate in this plan! :hop

I thought…since we have to wait for the Jazzfesters to vacate Town Park why don’t we have a good time with it!!! :woohoo

ok…Here’s my idea :

Let’s coordinate a meeting time & place so that possibly the bulk of us can arrive at Town Park together.

I’d like to see as Much Tye-Dye as possible!!! If you can get your vehicle wrapped/painted in Tye-Dye, that would be spectacular!!!

Come sporting Tye-Dye clothing, banners, flags, seat covers … whatever!

I’m looking for a Tye-Dye explosion!!! (that’ll give the Jazzfest people something to talk about!) :welcome

Let’s also practice good festivarianism by offering any Jazzfesties assistance with packing-out if needed! :angel

Come On !!! Who’s with me on this??? Fun & Helpful … The :quote Festivarian Way :quote !

Come join us in the 2008 Town Park Tye-Dye Take-Over!!!

O.K. Great Flamingo Slayer, have you picked a date for this TYE-DYE SWARM-IN? :cheers

Auntie Hope :pickin

Um… being that the Jazzfesters leave on Monday June 9th…How about we do it that day???

Ok, But we will need daniela to do this right. :flower
She is the queen of tye-dye! :medal

Count me in on any reason to costume and parade. Last year I learned that if you start the packing for Telluride song at that first stop sign at the T to Mountain Village, and don’t have to stop for pedestrians, the song ends just as you get to the Town Park bathrooms. How cool is that?

Maybe a phone tree for Monday arrivals. I suggest posting on the yahoo forum as well. Hey Connie, I’m sending you a personal message, ooooooh baby and shut up Ron.

Cool idea Connie

Please allow me to tell you a little story about what happened last year after everyone left. As you may or may not know, my keys turned up missing as I was packing my car to leave Town Park. I looked and looked for them and then came to the realization that I had locked them in my trunk. For whatever reason, the interior trunk release was not releasing the trunk, as it should, and I was stuck. I stayed with Clarissa and the Camp Billy crew for one night (which I had actually planned to do in the first place) and then moved into a lovely room at the New Sheridan, the following day. During this cluster-you-know-what, I had occasion to watch the “turn over” from one group to the next. The kind folks running things in Town Park have an unusual way of doing things and you may want to keep this in mind when planning the timing of your “take over.” (They were very kind and understanding of my predicament and I need to remember to thank them again when I return this year)

The turn-over became a rather chaotic situation where people that had already put up camp (Trina being one of them… she moved from the preserve, into a regular site) were forced to move everything out and wait in line for 2-3 hours. Shortly before dusk everyone was allowed back in. This peculiar approach led to a situation where some unknown woman ended up throwing rocks at a guy that had been in the MASH camp. Pretty funny that; we all had a good chuckle about it, at any rate. I’m sketchy on all the details, but I’m sure Trina and Matt (??? I’m suddenly sketchy on his name and I’m going to be embarrassed when I see him this year… gulp), could fill you in.

So… I just thought you might want to keep this in mind when you schedule your time for the swarm in. It sucks to spend time setting camp and then being told to “take her down and take her down NOW!” Perhaps just a quick conversation with the tall, lanky bearded man (I can’t remember his name either… d’oh!) that runs everything at TP before setting camp would be in order. Don’t rely on one of the women in the office to be the final word - that was the mistake made last year.

xo Rhonny

maybe our esteemed mayor could help facilitate this tie dye takover and help as a liaison with the Town Park management?

Excellent suggestion. We don’t need no stinkin’ Henry Kissinger, we have Telluride Tom!

Which part did you mean :huh The stinkin :rolleyes or the kissinger :eek

I will be contacting them to get the “official” take over time, and make any “special arrangements” cleared. :cheers

We need to make sure Daniel also gets this info. I believe he’ll be at Jazz Fest.

Auntie Hope :pickin

Thanks Tom! :flower
If our government officials where all as good as Mayor Tom. :medal
what a country this would be! :thumbsup

Straight from the Director of Town Park…

“We will open the campground sometime Monday afternoon after Jazz campers clear out, then clean up and inspection. No specific time can be provided. We do not take reservations, names, or make lists. Vehicle access into the Park may be restricted in the morning. Campsites are first come/first served, and people will have to wait until we officially open. Thanks for spreading the word.”


I’d say we shouldn’t get there before 1:00 PM. :cheers

Ya Know Tom
Part of me is Glad
Im Not Doing the ABGAT !!!
you know how anal I am about Time
plus I could see us hanging at the Last Buck
or Smugglers getting Trashed and then trying
to set up Camp …oh the humanity !

I really liked Connie’s idea of offering help. I’m not sure what time we’ll arrive, it depends on when we leave Pagosa. I think I will still offer help but I’ll be sure to park where my car couldn’t add to any confusion. We could probably help with trash pick up. How about if we all have tie-dye pillow cases. We put trash bags in the pillow cases and just go around cleaning up so we’ll start with a clean camp site.

By the way, tonight I saw the play “Wicked”. At one point a character said to Glinda “I thought you’d be festivating with the others.”

Fancy that.

I am with Courtney on the offering of help … It pays in at LEAST 2 ways.

  1. We get the rewards of good deeds done.

  2. The sooner they depart and the inspections are cleared, the sooner we get to move in!

There are many other bonuses to helping others! Funny … It usually makes everybody just feel good!

I think that we could probably form a line of vehicles AWAY from town on the roadside where there is normally parking so as NOT to be in the way of thru traffic or any intersections etc.

I believe that we are all understanding of the first come - first serve basis. So if we all work together I think early arrival could not become an issue.

“If we build it … They will come”!

:wave Can I get a list of Festivarians / ABGATers that will be arriving on Monday June 9th???

Are you excited yet? If not maybe you should immediately have your vitals checked!

I’d like to get started with a “Master Plan” for the Take-Over!

Post here if you are arriving on the 9th OR feel free to pm or e-mail me!

Let’s play Tye-Dye together!!! (insert colorful tye-dye emoticon here!)

I’ll be there! :thumbsup Don’t I have to be? :wink:

The other half will be there on Monday, I can’t get there until hopefully Sunday the 14th :rolleyes I think Kenny and Blaine are showing up that day too.

We’ll be gettin’ there Monday sometime