Town Park Camps Map

Helloooo music lovers! Attached is Run-A-Muck’s helpful guide to Town Park camps. I recommend downloading the file for viewing since the online reduced-resolution pic is not as clear. Please note that there is no warranty implied with this map and it’s not our fault if you get lost after dark during a drunken stumble to a porta-pot. Additionally any unauthorized republication of this photo…blah blah blah oh f*ck it.

Click here to download:

Town Park Camps Map

Click “Download” on the right hand side of the photo.

So helpful! After all these years I still get turned around. Thank you :flower

Download does not work.

It downloads a file called “Town” with no extension so we don’t know what kind of picture file it is.

You either need to rename the file Hooch, or people will have to add the .jpg file extension to the download.

Download worked for me. Thanks, Hooch! :cheers

Fixed Tom. Thanks for the heads-up!

It’s still just “Town” and not “Town.jpg” so it doesn’t know what program it needs to open it unless you choose one.

Time to bring back the Justin Long Mac vs. PC commercial?

Works for me just fine. Anyone else having issues?

Anyone else having issues?

When I follow the destructions it downloads a file named Town Park Map 2015 Final.jpg

In the PC world you could also right click on the photobucket pic and “Save Picture As”

For Apple I have no idea, I always get Apple Genius and Orange Julius mixed up…

Thanks Hooch, may need to finally get a camp banner now

Nice to see you on the board, dude. :medal

You should definitely get a sign. You’ve occupied that spot long enough now that it’s yours under the doctrine of Manifest Festivation.

Of course if any of us ever break the streak… :eek

Love it! Man, I can’t believe it’s just over 3 months until we’re all drunk and baked in Telluride together again.

There is a swimming pool???

Ye ha! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :thumbsup

Only caddies are allowed in that pool, and for only 15 minutes during Land Rush morning. Plus, you need to have a green card, ya darn furry varmint! :evil

Caddies? Land Rush? Ummmmmm…I’m a swimmer, we are from Australia. If the sun is out we are in the water, come on…

Hang on to your Baby Ruth’s … I believe the pool will be undergoing new construction starting this spring. Not sure of the timeline & details. It’s also possible the Pavillion might be getting some upgrades too.

Telluride Town Council adopts 2015 budget

Several capital improvement projects green-lighted
By Mary Slosson
Associate Editor
Published: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 6:06 AM CDT
Telluride Town Council unanimously approved a 2015 budget on Tuesday, allocating funds for several significant new parks and recreation and public works projects.

Those capital improvement projects include a new swimming pool, improvements to the town’s water infrastructure and creating more pedestrian-friendly streets, among others.

“The swimming pool is a project that will materialize before the start of summer next year,” said Telluride Town Manager Greg Clifton. “The restrooms are being built this year and the swimming pool occurs in the spring.”

The swimming pool was initially scheduled for an overhaul this summer, but the town did not receive a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado that planners had been counting on to begin construction. A revised grant application is currently under consideration for that project.

  • “We feel very good about it,” Clifton said of the new GOCO grant application, adding that the town is expecting to hear if that application was approved in roughly four or five weeks.

The Parks and Recreation Department will also see the commencement of a two-year, $1.8 million dollar effort to improve the Town Park stage and a $125,000 initiative to improve the pavilion.

Parks and recreation was also granted funds in the 2015 budget for a seasonal employee position.

The public works department also has several items slated to begin in 2015.

Council members allocated $785,000 of the town’s funds for improvements and fixes to the Lewis Line — a pipeline that helps provide water to the Town of Telluride. They also green-lighted a Galena streetscape and drainage project, pending a $1 million grant application.

Just under half a million dollars — $476,000 — was allocated to fleet purchases, nearly $151,000 of which will be contributed through outside grant funds.

Many of the major infrastructure projects are reliant on grant funding for completion.

“We continue to have a strong reliance upon donations and grants,” Telluride Town Manager Greg Clifton said, thanking the lean town staff for procuring those outside funds.

In the past two years, Clifton cited numerous public upgrades that relied heavily on outside funding: the Town Park pavilion, the transit fleet, the transit facility, water lines, and the swimming pool.

Of the $4.8 million total cost for those projects, $2.4 came from grants and private donations, Clifton said.

Town council also emphasized continuing pedestrian-friendly enhancements on West Colorado and West Pacific Streets, including sidewalk widening.

Mayor Stu Fraser noted that sales tax revenues are increasing year over year, with each subsequent recent year being a record year. Council is still operating in the least severe category of recession planning, but is slowly opening up more funds for use.

Council also approved hundreds of thousands of dollars to community support organizations, including $239,800 to the Commission for Community Assistance, Arts and Special Events, $60,000 to the Telluride Arts District, $25,000 to the Telluride Tourism Board for an airport study, $50,000 to EcoAction Partners, $52,000 to Telluride TV, $15,000 to KOTO-FM and $6,000 to the Watershed Coalition.

We just thank everybody who works for town,” said Telluride Mayor Stu Fraser. “You are the reason that we have been as successful as we have been.”

Holy hijacking, Batman! The cub reporter has struck again :evil

We’ve got a pool, pond. Ponds probably better for you. :wink:

Pond is actually for kids fishing. But we’ve got waterfalls and rivers for that jolt the equivalent of a defibrillator. If those don’t work you can always get your rush in the Town Park showers. Brrr!

AND I have a squirt gun :burn :flower

I really like you but you are the most long winded fella I have ever come across. You must be a writer :lol

Even with a good map I get turned around but that’s ok cause it is great fun to visit everyone! :medal :flower