Tom where's the weather forecast

Where are this years predictions?Debbie

Well, life has been a bit hectic around here and I guess I simply forgot. :eek

I normally make my predictions in March or April when it’s too early to actually get a forecast from the weather man.

Now that it’s less than a month away it would be less of a prediction and more of simply getting the forecast.

Accuweather forcast


:wave So is it gonna rain … or … snow?


The forecast calls for sunny, mostly sunny and abundantly sunny and highs in the 70’s.
So trust it and leave the rain and snow gear at home and you can be sure it will.

Okay, So cold and rainy…LOL

That Accuweather forecast looks so boring!! I’m pretty sure it will spice up some before we arrive.

After it poured rain or dumped snow for six solid weeks in Colorado between mid April and end of May last year, I wasn’t complaining about the “boring” forecast of Sunny and 70s for the entire week of TBF :thumbsup

Although it’s been slightly better weather this spring, I still love to soak up that high country sunshine every day I can.

I’ll take boring, sunny days in the 70’s without hail. Nearly had my tent demolished 2 years ago in the downdraft wind and the hailstorm. I was glad I was up near Bridal Veil Falls and could watch the hailstorm hit Telluride way down below.

It should be colder than ‘usual’ this year as the fest is a week earlier than ‘usual’. The last time the fest was June 15-18 was 2006. It was June 16-19 back in 2011 when it snowed the last evening durin Robert Plant’s set. Pack accordingly:

Well, it’s really only the difference of 3 days. Last year it was June 18-21. But, yes, early to mid June in the high country is still spring not summer. It’s snowed in at around 9500-10k ft in much of the higher elevation areas of the state.

However, it can all change very quickly…last week of May last year there was snow covering all of the mountainsides around the east end of Telluride. 3 weeks later, wildflowers and running streams.

But did you factor in the leap year extra day and second. No wonder it’s taking longer for festivation to begin. One thing for sure is that it’s bound to be hot up on stage.

Funny, my forecast reads “Drunk and Stoned” all festival long. :cheers

…with occasional Crunchy Fog! :pirate

If it’s only occasional, you’re festivating wrong.

Hey Pirate,

tell me which exit you live off of the 80 and I’ll throw you a gallon of the devil as I drive by.

With proper amounts of Crunchy Frog you won’t have to worry about the weather at all.

11:30 er bust you wild things. :cheers

Comin from a Colorado mountain girl

The nights will be chilly, some days a sprinkle or 2 the sun can be very brutal be hat , sunglass and SPF wise. Lots of fluids.
Gloves, hat and fleece because it can snow but dissipates quickly.
Layer your clothes because Colorado saying is,“If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes” and its true.

I’ll have to meet you on the road as we are not off of 80. Seriously look us up on the way over or back! Love to see you!

Check the webcam. It’s snowing: