The Mayor's annual weather prediction 2015

As most of you know I make my annual weather prediction for the festival and I’ve actually been pretty accurate.

This year:

Warm and windy - Temperatures will tend to be a bit warmer this year, but it will also be very windy.
Make sure your tents and canopies are staked down well as there could be winds up to 50 MPH.

Chance for severe thunderstorms - Do not take cover under tall trees when lightening is occurring.
These storms may not last long, but can create problems if people start to panic. Remain calm and try to find the nearest cover. Actually, laying flat on the ground is one of the safest places. Be prepared.

Disclosure: This is only a prediction, not a forecast. It’s near impossible to make a forecast this far in advance.


My favorite holiday is Ground Hogs Day. I see you prediction similar to that and he (the groundhog) is never wrong.

We should add a kite to the Packing for Telluride Checklist this year, and delete prior entries for snow skis. :thumbsup

Thanks, Tom!!!

Good idea Bevin! I have found out that one of the quickest ways to get the wind to stop blowing is to get out a kite! Haven’t tried it in Telluride but it works in other places in CO.

The thought of 50 mph winds going through TP campground is unsettling. There’s some good sized lumber in there.

I want to rent a jeep and go up Imogene Pass . Think they’ll be snow still ? I was checking out the webcams and looks like theirs a lot of snow still . Also , is there a map of the roads up in the Telluride Mountains ? Thanks

Hey! This is a family friendly forum!

Looks like there’s going to be a lot of snow on the tops of the mountain for Bluegrass . Checking out the webcams .

How much snow did the peaks get this weekend Telluride locals?

I sure hope your correct Mayor, outside of Sunday, 2011 I think, we have had a great run of weather during the festival days! :thumbsup

There was about 4-6" in Ophir over the weekend, but much of it has melted already. I imagine there was probably 8"+ up high. While the winter was unseasonably warm and sunny, the past few weeks have brought a decent amount of moisture and lower temps. I believe I recall reading the snowpack in the Telluride area is about 44% of average.

I was just checking out the Telluride webcam and IT IS SNOWING , HARD!! Its May , right ??

I just saw that too. Lets get those peaks covered in snow. I love the background shots when there is still snow cover on the peaks in the summer.

Another 4" in Ophir this morning … definitely need the moisture, but at the same time kinda ready for summer already!

:thumbsup :thumbsup

Think it will snow during Bluegrass?? I was there when it snowed on Monday . It’s only the second time that I’ve seen snow fall . Yeah , I’m a California boy. I live a mile from the sea . I would like to move to Colorado just to experience the seasons . Don’t know if I could handle the winter though . BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRR!!

I follow my buddies website to get long range weather forecast for Colorado…

Seems like current weather patterns will hold for some time…which means mountain snows

This could be a fickled year! This is the first extended forecast the last 7 years, I’ve seen, that has the high temps. this far below average! May need the extra hoodie! :thumbsup

CA, huh? I grew up in Santa Ana, in Oklahoma now. Have a son in Denver, though.

Yeah . We got down to 40 degrees and everybody was complaining how cold is was . I was guilty too . It was pretty funny .

After a long winter in Wisconsin the cold isn’t so bad. Actually the hot sunny days make it just as hard to to stay out in all day. You can always put on more layers.