All appears well in Kamp DukTape, until…

DukTape Man is kidnapped!!

Blaze is downed by DukTape Banana!!

How long can DukTape Man survive? What are the demands for his safe return??

No need to fret… all is well again in the Kingdom of DukTape…

For DukTape Man was liberated by this guy…

Oh My!! What will become of Duktape Man??? And who is the dark stranger who liberated him?

Just so everyone will know DukTape Man (D-Money to those who know him well) escaped the evil clutches of the Lower California Banana Cartel with the aid of an undisclosed guy (named Jeremy) from Boston. He and Blaze (His Trusty Stead) managed to hitch a ride out of town with Bevin. Evidently, Blaze came up lame after the viscious assault by the roadside banana. You have to give these insidious creatins credit for disguising their implements of destruction with all too friendly looking garments made of duct-tape.

Nevertheless, it appears that all is now well and that Blaze is recupperating nicely. It’s too bad that that the DukTape Navy was not around to protect DukTape man. Where were you guys? :huh

And BillyBeru, in the words of DukTape Man, “you better watch out cause IT’S ON LIKE A POT OF NECK BONE” (he does spend an inordinate amount of time in Alabama) :lol

If Blaze is ready to ride, DTM will be at Rocky Grass :cheers

Duk Tape Man and Blaze are at this moment recuperating nicely at a safe house in an undisclosed city called Albuquerque. Each of them have complained all week about the nearly complete lack of second hand smoke, corndogs, Spam and New Belgium, though they’ve been listening to old Telluride Bluegrass Festival recordings incessantly. Not to fret, I think they’ll be making the trip to Lyons. I just need to make arrangements for a couple of body guards…

What up with all the hate? :huh

DUKTAPE navy offers it’s deepest apologies to the man who started it all. As we speak the duktape navy is dry docked in lewisville texas. But don’t fear the best navy in the world will be kicking it ion the beach in Key West in no time. We will be sure to keep ya’ll posted. Thanks for the good times amigo.


I’ve got twenty three rolls of ducktape, a raging case of PFSDD (post festival stress detoxification disorder), three boxes of corndogs and a free weekend, There will be plenty of DukTape body guards ready for RG. :lol

DukTape man ain’t no idol, Simon Cowell wouldn’t even let him sing in the competition :evil

Paula Abdul, on the other hand kept making serious passes at the boy. :lovedr :kiss :kiss :kiss

and Randy, he just PO’d Blaze by referring to him as a Dog. :lol

I thought Blaze was a llama…

or an emu…

Nice, good ones you guys. :cheers

Oh wait, that was last year.

PFSDD (post festival stress detoxification disorder) definitely belongs in the Festivarian Dictionary.

So does the ALDTM (The Army for the Liberation of DukTape Man)

It must have been a concerted effort because the DLO (DukTape Liberation Organization) claimed responsibility for saving him :lol :lol

Can I have a copy of the CD you are listening to? :wink: