The Adventures of Duk Tape Man!

You may have to take a number, Daniela, ‘cause Landshark already called the first dance! This guy is smoooooth, ladies. You’d better watch out! How debonair, how suave’!

All right, Landshark, I’ll fight ya for him!! No one gets in the way of me and my man!!! :strong :strong :strong

Bevin/Mark -

Must we remain on such formal terms with Duk Tape Man? What do his friends call him? What does he call himself when he’s laying in the corner, surrounded by empties, clutching his instrument as if his life depended on that grasp?

Finally, I don’t really care if the dude can dance… will he sit in the Tarp line?



My rubber chicken, Fernando, travels with me when I go anywhere exciting. I wonder if he would like to meet someone his own size like Duk Tape Man. They could hit the bars, scout for chicks (ens). I hear the electrical tape gals hang out at Smugglers - the really know how to get down. I am sure Fernando would love to be your wing man.

I’ll be sure to ask him tonight.

Oh man I need a break…

LOL! Hmmm, Duk Tape Man, Gaffer Tape Girl, Rubber Chicken… it looks like we’ve got a new gang in town. They should all plan to get together and paint (or tape) the town next week!

Landshark, the first dance is yours!! :dancing

Daniela, Duk Tape Man is glad that you are bringing him some shade and has promised you the second dance :dancing

MG , His friends pretty much call him Duk Tape Man. We may have to see if he wants a shorter nick-name. I believe he has spent a night or two in the tarp line before. :festivarian

Unfortunately he has never been too good a the tarp run :rollin

Well, I just met the guy yesterday, and I guess I’m stuck with him until at least Saturday, but based on his behavior last night, I’d say his reputation is “fast and loose.” Kinda like a lot of banjo players I know…

I too have a rubber chicken (the unofficial Camp Run-A-Muck camp mascot) that is, despite Benay’s son Eli’s attempt to reassign sexual gender with a ballpoint pen, a hen named Stella. She’s quite comfortable being “one of the boys.” It’ll give them someone to poke fun of as well…


No one should be smited for sayin Duk Tape Man is their kinda guy. Now if they misunderstood you and thought you meant Banjo Players were your kinda guy then that should get you smited :lol :lol

Noooo, not Saturday at noon. Emmy Lou is at Elks Park at that time with Peter Rowan. How bout 1pm? :cheers


What’s the difference between a banjo and a Chain Saw?

a chain saw has a dynamic range.
you can turn a chain saw off.

What’s the difference between a banjo and a South American Macaw?

one is loud, obnoxious, and noisy; and the other is a bird.


Hippie, was it you posted that link to all of the great Banjo jokes?

:cheers to Jen and Landshark, 1pm Saturday :cheers

:wave Wasn’t me that posted it :wave

I keep a copy of the banjo joke document handy at all times, bring your little usb dongle and you too can have your very own copy of the document. It’s on my laptop.

Now my secret is out :lol :lol :lol


Hey Now! Bein that this here is my first post, and bein that this coming will be my first odessey to the TBF, I thought it appropriate to mention I have heard tell of the Duk Tape Man - even down here in sunny Florida!

I am looking forward to meeting him for the first time… Although its been said he will drink your beer, I’ve also heard that he’s a handy feller to have around your camp site… :thumbsup

Welcome aboard Spencer! :cheers

I am getting worried :huh DT Man and Bevin have been way to quiet since Tuesday. There is no telling what those two have gotten into. :lol

Actually, I’ve been slammed at work this week. Of course, Murphy struck. I had nothing to do all week last week and then this week, when all I want to do is continue DTM’s training, everything went to hell.

The worst part of that is that Duk Tape Man has been at home all this time unsupervised. I missing several bottles of wine, plus all my corn dogs are gone! I’m definitely strapping that guy to the hood of the van for the ride up!

Bevin… how did Mr.Duk tape come to life? maybe I missed it earlier…but could you give me the cliff notes? I think he is hilarious… :lol :lol :lol
can’t wait to meet you and your travelling buddy! :wave