The Adventures of Duk Tape Man!

Duk Tape Man is ABGAT’ing for his friends in Alabama, to wit,

Late this afternoon, Duk Tape Man successfully completed stage 1 of his Bluegrass pilgrimage by arriving at my office in Albuquerque. He travelled First Class, for sure. Check out all those styro-foam peanuts. This guy knows how to travel…

Almost immediately, Duk Tape Man insisted that I take him to Sportsman’s Warehouse for supplies. He was travelling with Mr. Tarp, but they said they needed some junior size festival chairs or something…

:wave Does Duk tape dude have his ticket??? :wink:

After stocking up, I took Duk Tape Man home and started his rigorous training…

Training in process…
Note Mr Tarp in the background

Actually, Duk Tape Man already has a wristband on…

Is blue this years color?

Wow, Duk Tape man looks like a real dude!

How is his training going?
Where is he from? I sure hope he doesnt get altitude sickness. lol

Does he have any friends? ie: masking tape man? double sided tap man? etc.


Sam, Duk Tape man was born at the Festival in 2003, during a rain storm on Thursday or Friday night. This will be his 5th trip to Town Park. He usually hangs out down in the primitive area in Hidden Hollow. Stop by and tell him howdy.

Bevin, I should of warned you, that dude will drink all of your beer. And why I am not surprised that he got you to buy him corn dogs for dinner? :cheers

Landshark, be careful or you’ll make him blush :lol

Boy, I sure wish someone would pack ME in nice styrofoam peanuts and ship me first class to Telluride!!!

That little fish is one of the fine specimens available for your catching pleasure at the San Juan River, below Navajo dam, in New Mexico. One of the best tailwaters in the west!

I found Duk Tape Man laying in a corner downstairs this morning. Apparently he took his training very seriously…

Now that’s he’s recovering from a hard night of drinking, he just wants to know when he can go!!!

After a bite of breakfast, Duk Tape Man stole my stash and headed for the Van. He’s really ready to get there, folks!

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, Duk Tape Man is only traveling with me. Ultimately, Mark from Alabama is responsible for his behavior. Lock your coolers, folks!

I’m bringin’ a rod myself - let’s hit a few of the riffles in town any time you want… Findme when ya get there!

After I dragged him back inside, I forced Duk Tape Man to help with some of the packing. The dude has to carry his own weight this week, or I’ll threaten to strap him to the front of the Van for the drive up!

And yes, this guy can DANCE! You shoulda seen him boogie when I broke out the corndogs!

:wave I might just have to ask my good friend Gaffer tape Girl to see if she is interested in meeting duct tape man. I’m not sure if she’s interested in a blind date. :thumbsup


:rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin

can’t wait to have a few coldies with him… :lol

What? Bring her along, Hippie! Those two would be a great pair at Telluride. They’d be Anahuaking before you could toss back a rumball!

Soooo…ummmmm. Is Duk Tape Man single? 'Cuz he’s kinda hot. :love :love :love