Thank you all.

I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Festivarian community as a whole for once again making our little event in Southwest Colorado the best festival on the Planet.

It’s you guys who make TBF what it is…without you it wouldn’t be the same. :flower

I hope everyone had a great time. I was glad to have the opportunity to meet many of you, and hope that everyone far and wide had a wonderful time.

Hope to see you all again next year.


And thanks to you, Dustin. Sorry I didn’t get to see you personally while I was there. I mean, I was only there for 10 days, and there was about 100 days worth of stuff to do!

See you at Rocky Grass!

Dustin, THANK YOU and all of the folks involved in throwing such a well run festival!! It exceeded my expectations in so many ways…hope to return next year!!


It was nice to see you on Monday morning , sitting on a golf cart as I pulled out of town park, fully packed up and headed back to Fort Collins… ha.
Good Times brothah.


You all did an awesome job this year! From the merch tent to the acts to the good feeling vibe! I think many of us consider this to be the best year ever.

See you at RockyGrass my brother.

Best year ever???
Hmmmmm not possible without Deb and I being there … :huh
:lol :lol :cheers :lol :lol


once the bluegrass buzz wears off, they’ll realize this :wink:

Oh crap!!!..I meant “Best Year Ever If Ron and Deb Had Been There”!!!

Nice Save my Brother !!

Thank YOU Dustin, for everything!! I was super impressed at your desire to make my first TBF experience a great one, right down to getting my t-shirt!! Even tho it wasn’t my first (or second) choice of designs, I am still VERY relieved to at least have something to remember the awesome weekend with!!
I’ll definitely be seeing you next year!
~ Just please remember when ordering next year that fat peeps like to festivate too!!

With all due respect to Ron… it WAS the best year in a long time!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dustin!!

xoxo Rhonny

P.S. Rockygrass!!! w00t!!

Sorry Ron, but I have to agree, it really was one for the books. Coming so close to tragedy on our way perhaps made it extra much so but from the bottom of my happy heart, thank you to everyone for the sweet, sweet memories and special thanks to you Dustin, who helped us keep our festival plans alive. It was sure mightyfine to see your faces again.

Oh Man
maybe I am really sorry that we missed it
oh well we have a new house … not a bad trade out

House, schmouse. Don’t let it happen again okay? We missed you.

Thank you thank you thank you Dustin and everyone at PB! a great great year!!!

If it wasn’t for Planet Bluegrass there wouldn’t be a festivarian community. :flower

A big thank you to all the Planet Bluegrass staff for making this another wonderful year. :medal

Dustin it was great meeting you :flower and Thank you :flower

I couldnt be more impressed with how this festival is run. Thank you Planet Bluegrass!!

Dustin, it was a pleasure meeting you at Tropical Tuesday. :cheers :cheers :cheers

A huge thank you to you and everyone at Planet Bluegrass for putting on another stellar festival. :thumbsup

Looking forward to next year.

I offered enthusiastic thanks to many staff and volunteers throughout the weekend and offer a sincere THANKS here too. :thumbsup

My party and I had a fantastic time (save for a few ticket snafus). :cheers

Leave it to Planet Bluegrass to not only dial in great weather, but to dial in a gropple storm to blow our minds for 10 minutes on Sunday.