Tell me I'm gonna love it!

For the first time in my life, I bought a guitar without playing it. Doing the paypal thing and should have my new 2002 Martin D28 in the next week or so. I’m so excited. This is by FAR the nicest guitar I’ve ever owned. In fact, I’ve only played these models for a few minutes at a time. All where hoss’s.

I feel like a 6 year old on Dec. 20th. Man, will Christmas ever get here?

Anyone else have feedback on the D-28?

Greetings Pen.

A friend of mine bought a D-28 Custom as his first guitar, and he t-totally loves it. It’s gonna be hard to imagine playin’ something else after starting out with one of the best dread’s out there. I’m sure you will be elated with your purchase. Happy Strumming.

I opened the UPS box and have been playing it for the last couple hours. It’s a great guitar. Actually, more balanced than I expected. It doesn’t boom like I expected - but does have a very pronounced low end. I had heard that the D28’s where great on the bass - but lacked in the mid/high area. I don’t see it with this guitar. It’s strung up with Elixer’s. I’ll be curious how a set of Martin strings sounds on it.

I look forward to seeing how it sounds in 25 years. I’m not a rich guy and am pretty sure this is it for me with guitars. Unlike some that buy and baby - I’ll be playing the heck out of this thing. I’m sure it will open up nicely. Everything I’ve read about the standard X bracing indicates it will only improve - even better than the scalloped bracing of, say, the HD-28.

There are some things that I believe everyone deserves and should seek out:

  1. A spouse who loves, understands & appreciates you
  2. A great pet
  3. Fine quality instruments

You can get average versions of all of these - but you get what you pay for. :slight_smile:

Bass can be gotten-

try a Dunlop 207 pick, Martin SP mediums, and pick more forward from the bridge.
Martin’s are great!