TBF41 Rollcall

Where’s everyone coming from?

Orange County, CA for me! Safe travels to all!!! :cheers :wave

Sacramento, California and safe travels to everyone! T minus 30 hours and counting. :pirate

ATL :thumbsup

Missoula, MT. Leaving Friday night at 11:00. This will be year seven.

asheville, nc

What time is arrival expected?

Grew up in O.C. myself! Now coming from Oklahoma!

Bueno Festival, To All! :thumbsup

Was just chastised by my group. Foul! Also Denver, Santa Fe,NM Reno,NV and Cambria, CA.
Sorry guys!

ATL here as well! :wave

O-H-I-O, the state named after a nut

It’s so cool seeing how many people come from out of state to enjoy the beauty of Telluride and the magic of the festival…I have a shorter trek and am coming from Denver, CO. Kinfolkn’a!

Damascus, Va… Leaving out early Sunday morning and making the 30+ hour drive without stopping!

Lyons, CO :wave


Leaving Chicago in 21 hours!

San Pedro, CA (Where the Debris Meets the Sea)

It’ll be about a 14 to 15 hour drive, depending on how many stops we make. We should be there by 3:00 in the afternoon at the latest.

Denali Park, AK

Leaving Sunday night/Monday morn out of Anchorage. Fly to PHX and head to Mesa Verde for an evening. Into town park afternoon-ish Tuesday.

Safe travels!!!

From Wisconsin for my 27th Telluride. In North Platte right now, have to hit Moab on the way.

Just plotted out my course. It’s exactly 888 miles.

The A-T-L as well :cheers
(Hey Beaker, save me a spot at the picnic table. Hey IMHBTR, you jumping in the falls when you get there this year?)

That is some damn cold water. Need the flamethrower when you get out. :burn