I’ve got a theory about our mystery guest. Who has a new banjo album out with Earl Scruggs, Pete Wernick, and lots of others on it? Who had Hot Rize (who plays right after) play their wedding? Whose name might not look right, initially, on the list of artists for a bluegrass festival?


I’m hoping all of Yonder got married at the same time? No?? :frowning: :eek

Failing that, you must be hinting at Steve Martin.

It’s a shame to bring him all the way out there when they’re touring :wink:

Yonder is having their Northwest String Summit that weekend.

Ahhhh… good point…we may have a winner :cheers

nice insight Doc Mike, I’ll buy you a virtual beer on the virtual tarp.
I listened to the above album last week and liked it.

Think you’ll find the NSS is 17th, 18th & 19th.

Please. Pleasepleaseplease let it be Steve Martin. Ohmigawd. I wanna see him play banjo, but I especially wanna see him play banjo with that funny arrow through the head thing on!

You are correct Boogie! :thumbsup I just had the dates blacked out in my mind since I’ll be at Academy.

Now that’s just cruel. I think I’d rather be at the Academy than trying to cope with the accomodation at Hornings Hideout…but then I am a softy (English) Southerner :eek :lol

And I’d heard that Yonder were slated to play Boulder the night after Rockygrass finishes.

Well if it’s either Yonder or Steve, we’ll be sure to have a good time! :cheers
Planet Bluegrass has never let us down! :sunshine

So you are kidding right? I have no RG ticket this year and if Steve is gonna be there I will just have to figure something out… :rolleyes

Yer kidding right?

It’s going to be a blast either way. Not so long now.

Landshark…Your going to the academy and not the festival???
just how are you going to break in your new mando?
the academy is awesome… but this years RG is one not to miss…

I have a job and a hubby and a dog and important toilets to wash and vip laundry to do… :frowning:
I will be thankful for those few days at RGA to write and think and build my mandolin…

I’ve said it before, I’m extremely jealous. I’ll be at Telluride but not Rockygrass, and after seeing the lineup I wanted to go so badly. With all the bands that they’ve allready announced (Hot Rize, Darrell SCott, Steve Earle, California, etc etc) and now the possibility of Steve Martin? :frowning:

Just this forum, I haven’t heard anything about it elsewhere

Is it the same Steve that I’m thinking of, comedian that plays a tune called Banana Banjo rather well :flower

Same Steve you’re think of! For those that would like to tune in…

Steve Martin is playing the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night, May 30th. I think you can stream the show at www.wsm. … com or org.

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Tennis Aunty? When The Station Inn is so close?? Shame on you. :eek :lol :lol :lol :lol

[b]I just got to see Steve playing the Grand Ole Opry on ‘You Tube’ :thumbsup

Thanx Hope Lin for introducing me to WSM Online http://www.wsmonline.com/ I’ve enjoyed tuning in :dancing[/b]