Tarp Run...seating w/o tarp run?!

Hi Newbie here de-lurking for the first time! :wave

I’m a TBF virgin, looking forward to the festival…I’m still working out logistics, but it looks like I’ll be arriving late afternoon on Thursday

What type of seating will I be able to get arriving at such time?

I will be with a small group. Do we really need to send somebody to the tarp-run Friday and Saturday morning? We’d all love to take a nice hike and enjoy the beauty of the mountains before heading down to the festival, but not sure if that really makes sense.

Any help is appreciated!


Welcome Ed as stated before in other forums …the really is no such thang as a bad seat !!

Enjoy !

Maybe I’m spoiled, but I say enjoy the day. If you are unhappy with your seats, or the ability to move about closer when you want, then tarp line it for Saturday. Zen and the art of Festival Maintenance.

Why sit?!



I’m confused…there are people that actually sit… no way :huh

Like Monkeygirl said…DANCE :hop :dancing :hop :dancing :woohoo :hop

Having been raised on the Good Ole Grateful Dead it is the only thing I know to do when listening to great music


Just about the time I get my medications refilled, get my shiny new handicap parking sticker, and new batteries for the hearing aid, I begin to feel pretty good.

And then somebody mentions they were “raised on the Good Ole Grateful Dead”.

Sha-zamm. Alluvasudden, I find myself muttering, “Get off my lawn, you kids!” :wink:


No, you don’t, especially during your first year when your group is figuring things out. The audio system at TBF is phased array and tuned so that most any seat in the house gets the same ‘info’ as the seat 4, 8, or 20 people away. And it is contiuously being tweaked to take into account wind, moisture, barometric pressure, etc. Take you time, observe the line, figure out the best place for breakfast, take hikes, etc. Telluride has a lot more to offer than TBF. Check it out, see what works for you and make your hard-core plans for next year. If you run into anyone on this board and roll with them, you will be taken care of, and get a pretty good idea of the in’s and out’s.

this man tunes the system for you:


You can stroll in leisurely after the rush and have excellent seats. The rush is overrated.

Dean, so right. I teach kids that have never heard of the Greatful Dead, or the Beatles! I guess I’ve never heard of most of the music they listen to either. There is a retro- Led Zeppelin movement going on at our school, can’t argue with that. I was accidentally (I swear) playing 50 cent in the classroom, (after school getting ready for open house - itunes on random) dancing my way over to turn it off - not quite soon enough - bad bad words. So I immediately put on BB King and ad-libed a blues song at the top of my lungs about mistakenly playing bad language in my classroom. The kids were so shocked to hear me sing, let alone the blues, I think they forgot about hearing the bad words. It was hysterical.

Isn’t tarp run part of the whole TBF experience?

I was told by my traveling partner, BillyBeru, that it was essential and I had to experience it right away…So, Thursday I have tarp duty, should be interesting especially after Rumballs and YMSB that night…Look for the bleary eyed, head hanging character brewing coffee in line…that will be me.

I Can’t Wait :woohoo :hop :woohoo

WHAT??? The tarp run isn’t just about good seats. It’s also about meeting new friends in line and planning the run strategy together, pumping up the excitement for another day of festivating, and experiencing the stomach-churning thrill of sprinting while hung over after only 3 hours of sleep.

I received this statement from someone that has been going to the festival for the better part of 25 years…

:quote The running of the Tarps is always fun to watch. :quote

So Hooch, do you run for Utarpia every morning?

the tarp line experience is for sure about connecting with other people!

as far as seating goes… here is a good reminder. You can go up front and sit on any tarp that is unoccupied. However, please relinquish the chair when the owner of that chair comes back and says excuse me i woud like to sit in my chair… and then if you would like to stay… please just ask… we don’t usually mind and we will tell you that as long as some of our people are missing we are happy to have you there. Just please don’t break the chairs…and don’t mess with our stuff like the sunscreen or the program that may be in the pocket of the chair… and if you BREAK a chair… please take responsibility for that!

The performers who play early in the day appreciate having an audience there to hear them… so do move up for those sets…

oh… one more thing… if you end up sitting by the tapers in front of the sound board, please respect that they are taping and take your talking elsewhere. it is so frustrating to listening to those favorite sets again after the festival and hear conversations between people who were just unaware that the voices would be picked up by the mics.

okay… .off to have do the things that mothers do… like laundry and dishes… Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! :flower

did i ramble a bit? sorry

Hi Hope. Yeah, Daniela and I are typically the runners for Utarpia every morning. But Daniela is the primary runner. We’ll be helping Run-A-Muck some this year though (line sitting and maybe running), so hopefully CSI Mike (of Utarpia) has been getting his running legs in shape. Did you here that CSI???

on behalf of the entire taper’s section, thank you.

Hppy Mother’s Day

About the only way to eliminate the “chatters” in the tapers section would be to tether the mic’s 20 feet above the crowd on helium balloons. The problem with this, is there’s no way to control the direction they’re pointing. :eek

Thanks All ! :cheers

Who are you and why do you sound like my therapist?? :huh :huh The tarp run is the single greatest experience of the entire festival and if you are a newbie, you absolutely MUST NOT miss it. If you aren’t hooked after the first day, then you can sleep in after that. But I invite you to come join me, and see what all the fuss is about. :wink: :wink: :wink:

And does a FINE job in one of the most challenging acoustical environments i’ve ever listened in. When the wind starts whipin, and the rain is fallin, it’s really amazing walking down the path past the beer tent, hanging out in town, sometimes even up in the mountains…

Not a bad seat in the “house”!!! :medal :medal :medal :medal

Also, I second the thanks of the taper section LuAnna!! :thumbsup

and then passing out :zzz