Targhee Fest and Targhee Bluegrass Festival

Although I hesitate to tell anyone about these events, because we’d like to see them stay small, we’d also like Grand Targhee to keep putting on these awesome shows. The lineups are getting better and better every year!

I have yet to hit Targhee, even though I live in Bozeman. You’d think I’d make the time to head down there for the weekend one of these years. Maybe I’ll go this year. But between catching the final Cheese show and going to Telluride, I’m going to be broke, so maybe next year.

The good news Matt is that, compared to some festivals, the festivals at Targhee are very affordable. And you are almost on top of the music, and it’s still small enough that everybody that works at or attends the festival are all quickly becoming a fantastic community (a lot like Town Park in Telluride)…

So if you can get there, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it.

xoxo Monkeygirl

I live in Bozeman also, and have not yet made it to Targhee.

I was going to go this year, since I wont be getting to see Cheese :(. Then I found out that Blues Traveler is playing at the Magic City Blues Festival the same weekend, so I decided to hit that instead.

I went to Grand Targhee last year, and had a blast! Super laid-back
scene and well organized. When you lay your tarp down on Friday,
it’s there for the weekend. Thus…no “waiting in line for numbers” game.
While there is no carside camping, the parking lot is next to the
campgrounds, and since there are plenty of trees, shade campsites
are plentiful. While concessions are much fewer than at a Planet
Bluegrass fest, what is there was very good overall (especially the
booth serving only buffalo and elk!), and the Grand Targhee Ski
Resort itself is very sweet without being stodgy.

If you go, I would recommend going several days early just to either
hit up Yellowstone National Park, the quaint town of Jackson Hole,
or camp out at Teton Valley.

Plus, the Thursday evening before the festival, the town of Driggs
will host a free concert, as they have a weekly concert series in
the Summer. Last year, it was an all-star lineup of the musicians
who taught at Grand Targhee’s new bluegrass camp: Mike
Marshall, Tony Trishka, Scott Nygaard, Ben Winship, Brian Wicklund,
and Eric Thorin…and Darol Anger just happened to arrive early
and joined in on the festivities.

I had enough of a great time that I plan to go again this Summer. :slight_smile:

Becky and I are going to Targhee this year. We decided to take a year off from Telluride (blasphemy, I know) and do Targhee instead. I’m really looking forward to the more laid back vibe of Targhee. No tarp lines… 'Nuff said!!! I know some you really enjoy the ‘sport’ of the tarp line, but not this feller. I’d rather be drinking under the comfort of my ez-up.


Matt and Becky -

We’ll see you there. Look for a bright orange 76 VW camper and a 76 Jamboree with Hawaiian flowers on it in the meadow… we usually create a picking area in the middle of the vehicles and tents. This year I think we’re talking about expanding the area so as to accomodate more people… late night picking is getting better every year and we were full to capacity every night. We’d like to be able to accomodate all players.

It is such a great, laid back scene… I think you’ll really enjoy.

xo Rhonny

P.S. What jjwood64 said is true… you put the tarp down the first day and no one bothers it for the entire time. Very cool.

monkeygirl, how are you going to expand the camping area? I do recall
there was a small area that was roped off. Yes, the picking was fine
last year. I caught almost every note played on the main stage, picked
for 3-4 hours per day/night and still averaged 6 hours of sleep per night!

I’m thinking about hitting Targhee this year. My brother and one of his friends are going, and if I can get the time off work to do it, I probably will. How quickly do they usually sell out?

We are over in the meadow… near the stables. When I say expand, I’m really only talking about a few feet either way… we just want to put in more jamming space.

One minor bummer…Jim Lauderdale is no longer listed in
the Targhee lineup, as apparently his illness has forced him
to cancel more shows, incl. this appearance.

This will be our first time at the bluegrass fest although we have skied there many times. Any hints/suggestions to make the most of our trip?

The Waybacks are now listed for the Sunday slot previously occupied by
Jim Lauderdale.

>> Any hints/suggestions to make the most of our trip?

If you’re getting there a few days early…Yellowstone National Park.
The South entrance is an hour’s drive from Jackson Hole. Otherwise,
I’ve had friends tell me about numerous hot springs places in Idaho.
However, there are plenty of great areas for camping all around
that area.

As I mentioned earlier in this topic, the lovely little town of Driggs, ID
has their free concert series every Thursday during the Summer. So,
the night before the festival will be the Bluegrass All Stars, consisting
of all musicians who teach at the Targhee Bluegrass Camp that week.
So, this year’s lineup should include the following musicians:

Ben Winship - mandolin
Darrell Scott - songwriting
Tony Trischka - banjo
Brian Wicklund - mandolin
Tim Stafford & John Lowell - guitar
Jeremy Garrett - fiddle
Rob Ickes - dobro
Eric Thorin - bass

And one little tip – as told to me by Eric Thorin last year – when
you get to Idaho en route to Grand Targhee, the first town you
hit will be Victor. There is a old-school malt shop, “SHAKES”,
in downtown: Go inside, and you’ll literally go back 50 years
in time…then get a huckleberry milk shake. Loaded with fresh
huckleberries, this is the real stuff!!

Work situation willing, I’m planning to make my 2nd Targhee this year. :slight_smile:

Hey, John. I hope you can make it. Work is the ugliest 4-letter word there is during festival season! The Waybacks should be fun. I saw them play a smokin’ set at Pagosa last month. They still sound great without Stevie Coyle.

I’m looking forward to having a Huckleberry shake. Becky has mentioned this same place several times.

I forgot that there was a free show on Thursday night. That line-up looks killer! My question is this: what do most people do for camping on Thursday night, since the campgrounds don’t open until Friday? We will be camping on the east side of the Tetons all week before the festival, but it would be nice to be closer to the Festival for Thursday night. I’m thinking about just getting a hotel in Driggs Thursday night so we don’t have to tear down and set up camp twice. Any suggestions on nearby camp sites or hotels?

Also, we are planning on going to Granite hot springs for one day. Does anyone know of any other nice hot springs nearby that are worth a visit?

Gettin’ stoked!!

Hey, Matt.

Last year…not knowing about the line scenario, I drove up to
Grand Targhee from there, and parked in the main parking lot
where the line was forming. Very informal and relaxed…I
wound up picking with a very cool family from Salt Lake City
and wound up sleeping under the stars under the parking lot.

However, there are some campgrounds nearby Targhee,
including Teton Valley which is the typical state park
campground, but very nice. There are also a couple of
hotels in Driggs too, so given your little one, Matt,
that may be your best bet.

Plus…when the gates opened at 9 am for Targhee last year,
there were probably 40 vehicles and a half dozen or so RV’s.
Yeah…that small!!

You can also find some good info on the Targhee area at


  • Festival info

Cool, Thanks for the info John!

That must have been uncomfortable. :lol
Or was it in a coffin? :wink:

Hey, Mr. Mayor! :wave Actually, it was very pleasant, as I pulled
out my inflatable mattress and slept next to my vehicle.
The weather was beautiful the entire time last year, so it was
easy to get some sleep…ON the parking lot! :slight_smile:

Matt -

What we’ve always done was get a room at Targhee on Thursday night. You can actually park your car down where the camping is and then just walk down and set up camp Friday AM. It works out great. It’s a relatively short drive to Driggs for the concert Thursday night, then back up the canyon to Targhee.

I’m getting excited for Targhee… what a fabulous summer this is turning out to be!!

xoxo R