Something completely different...

I don’t know why I thought of this… and it’s way off topic…
I’ve had cherry pie, apple pie, peach pie, blueberry pie, banana cream pie…
but I’ve NEVER had Pear pie!
Has anyone had it?
It sounds wonderful, and for some reason I’ve got a hankering. :flower

It is wonderful Tom, and it’s right up there with Pear Jam! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

All else being equal, let’s say that Pear Pie is just as tasty as the traditional pies you mentioned, Tom. Assuming that is the case I think Pear Pie is lacking the marketing appeal the other pies enjoy for one simple reason: it’s name.

Just say it out loud everyone: P E A R P I E.

No offense to the pear, but when married with “Pie” the two words together just don’t sound that nice.

Perhaps Pearhead can weigh in on the subject.

That’s weed talking dude… :wink:

But I don’t smoke (or use) weed. :eek

And I’m sure you haven’t been exposed to copious amounts of second-hand smoke either… :wink: :devil

Hmmm…now I’m looking at my “official” Telluride Tom beer coozie, which I purchased for a mere $3 during the festival, and it says…and I quote

“I love smokin’ bluegrass”

I’m just not sure what to believe anymore.

It’s a play on words. The key is “Bluegrass”, and the “smokin’” means fast and hot music.

Ah c’mon Tom…where’s your sense of humor?

Up in smoke.


Dustin that made me laugh out loud. :lol


:wave I think that would mean getting in touch with your inner run a mucker, I think we have someone on the crew that can help.
:lol :lol

:cheers :cheers

Noooo, Our Crew? THE Run-A-Muck Crew? I don’t think soooo! :lol

Auntie Hope :pickin

I am liking the thought of pies! I was just given some cherries and so I will need to bake a pie- I wish the tempurature would cool off a bit though.
Pears are a bit sweet so you need just a wee bit of pie. These cherries are the sour kind so you gets to eat a bigger piece of it! :slight_smile:
Happy pies!

Maybe we just need to come up with a better name for pear pie.


What would duct tape man say?

Now how can a PEAR pie be renamed? Just does not seem right :wink:

Bartlett pie? :wink:

Now you’re thinking.