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First Guitar post.
Bought a Collings Om2H a couple of months ago and really like it. Played one at TBF last year and got hooked. What is everyone playing these days?

Very nice. I love Collings stuff. I’m still bashing away on my Guild D52 - that thing is indestructable and has a really solid low end. But not really the balanced/crystal highs of a Collings. I’m jealous. :rolleyes

MY guitar is a 1968 Martin D-35. Brazilian rosewood for the back and sides,
and a sound that BOOMS. :slight_smile:

Still playing my first Alvarez RD20. Solid guitar, but I’d like something a bit fuller sounding someday.

Collings D1-A. I already had a '59 Martin 0018, and a couple other guitars but this thing had such a resonance I’d never heard, I just couldn’t leave her there. And they kept marking the price down…
I mostly play mando and fiddle but am learning scales for guitar now too.

Miller; sounds like you have quite a stable!


On guitar I play a '92 Martin HD-28 CTB. A real boomer. Spend more time with the mando latley. Unfortunatly, I spend to much time working and not enough time picking…

Anyone played a Huss & Dalton? reviews

We (my husband and I) will be playing our Guilds at our campsite this year. D-55, J-212, J-40 and a D-35. All Westerly Vintage for those Guild fans out there!

I know a guy with seriously a dozen Huss and Dalton’s. They sound and play great!

Collings, Martin, are hard to beat though. Keith Little was sporting and beautiful looking and even better sounding dread made by Nashville Guitar recently. Finest quality in every way. GAS strikes!

I didn’t mean to finish this!?
Where’d everybody go?

Here’s a good Collings story from last year-
A buddy of mine came to Telluride last year, he just had to see Hot Rize and Red Knuckles. It was his first ever festival, and we ventured into Telluride Music to look at the guitars. Dave brought us a newly arrived Collings to play, rosewood/adirondack, a real nice one. My friend Tim had a mind to buy it right then, but he’s married, so… He came later with his wife to play the guitar, and decide some more when in walks Tim O’Brien! Tim meet Tim. After trading licks for each other Tim Delaney bought it and picked happily ever after.
The End


I have a martin HD 28 that you would have to pry from my cold dead fingers. See you at Targhee.

When I’m playing guitar, it may be my beater Yamaha (which sounds great with Martin mediums). If I’m in a reletively “safe” environment, I’ll play my Martin D28. I don’t make enough money to replace it if it’s injured - so I occasionally limit where I take it. I don’t mind the cosmetic dings - but if something where to happen and it was really damaged - well, lets not go there.

7 out of 10 times I’m playing - I play the Martin.

I’ve had my Collings D1 for eight years and I love it. It projects and has enough edge to cut through on solos. Admittedly, the instrument is hard to amplify without it sounding too bright and brittle. After many ill fated attempts, I settled on a Schertler contact mic. All is well, now. NOTE: I have played a Bourgeois Slope D (mahagony) which will be my next purchase.

1990’s Santa Cruz Guitar Company Dreadnought… Indian Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce top. Smoothest action, brightest Highs, very warm mid/Low… it might as well be called an amplifier it booms like hell. It’s heaven on earth, I’ve been playing top end hand-made guitars for years, this might very well be the best i’ve ever played, though every now and then something surprises the hell out of me…
I recommend the 90’s… Don’t like the newer ones as much to be honest, maybe they just need a good breakin’ in… or maybe when a company starts making more guitars they stop paying as much attention to each one?