Some Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation...

I’ve got a couple of bands to announce for the 2009 festival lineup…

just a “taster” of things to come…

Something to “drive” your appetite going…

A little morsel to get the “train” moving…


Leftover Salmon?
Drive by truckers? Steeldrivers?
Railroad Earth? perhaps?
Or are you gonna keep us guessing?

It’s chilly and overcast today…I figured I would keep you guessing for a bit.


Out with it, Dustin or else. :mad :wink:

Are the bands you are about to announce:
a. the usual suspects (Sam, Yonder, etc)
b. infrequent but played before (Railroad Earth, the Waifs)
c. BLOCKBUSTER (Neil Young)
d. new and great (you tell me!)

Gobble gobble.

Crosses fingers for LoS or The Bridge

OK give !!! Who??? Dreary day up here in the mountains too! Come on tell us. :flower

How long are gonna keep us hanging?

Clever Dustin, is this a clue perhaps?

Lets tickel it out of em :lol

I’m thinkin they were DEFINITELY clues… My guess??

~ ‘taster’ = Mama’s Cookin?

~ ‘drive’ = Drive By Truckers

~ ‘train’ = RAILROAD EARTH!!! (can’t wait for confirmation)


I’m dyin over here… Wish I lived close enough for tickling it outta you, Dustin!!


well, since you set it up so nicely. :lol

a. Jerry Douglas’ 25th straight year. :clap
b. As requested…Railroad Earth :flower
c. those guys don’t decide what they are doing next year till next year. :wink:
d. The Steeldrivers

I, for one, am excited about the lineup as it’s shaking out. We’ll (obviously) have more for you soon…but hopefully this will tide you over through the holiday.

Have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving, everybody. :wave

YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!! :medal :medal :medal :medal

Thanks for not making me wait for the Railroad Earth confirmation, lol… Those two minutes were excruciatingly long!!

:cheers :medal

Let’s hear it for Railroad Earth and Planet Bluegrass!! I’ve only been asking for RRE since they were there last. So, does this mean that Jerry gets a chicken or some other barnyard animal on stage this year?

You guys rock!! And it’s sunny in Montana today.

Hurray for RRE! :cheers

And it’s kinda cloudy where I’m at in Montana.

Ellen, it’s Thanksgiving week, not April Fool’s Day! :lol

Go Jerry, Go Jerry!
I spoke with Jerry not to long ago and he’s very excited about his 25th at TBF!

RRE!!! (as requested :medal )

Maybe “those guys” when they decide what their doing next year (fingers crossed).

The Steeldrivers are getting a well deserved time slot at TBF! :hombre

So far, so good.

The Bluegrass Mafia is very happy CND. Thanks. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

K, so upon giving the clues more thought…

Now I think that the ‘taster’ is CORNMEAL!!
(maybe wishful thinking, but Timmy & Allie together are AMAZING!!)

(yes, I took this pic… It was during the RRE late nite at High Sierra 2008)


A little birdie told me of another surprise, but I’m gonna hold my tongue until it’s officially announced. :flower

Awwww, c’mon Tom… You can’t do that to me!!

PM me… I promise to keep it between us!!


Yo… da girlfriend commin’ back?

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

P.S. - some of you may want to be thinking “Out of Africa”, like straight out of the movie! :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol