Solo newbie here! So many questions

Hey all! I will be solo at Lawson. What if I show up late Wednesday? Will I have a hard time finding somewhere to set up? I see that they open first thing Tuesday a.m. Are we allowed propane camp stoves? If I do show up early Tuesday what is there to do for 2 days before the festival starts? Anyone else going solo and camping at Lawson? Thanks for any and all advice!

I have never camped at Lawson, so I will let someone with more knowledge than me answer those questions. However, for the pre-fest days, there are lot of options for fun depending on what you are interested in. Telluride is a great place for hiking or mountain biking. You will certainly have a chance to meet your camp neighbors and make friends.

You can also head in to Town Park (wristbands are not required until the festival days) where there will be plenty of pre-fest fun going on including music regularly happening around camp (the Slow Jam Pick is scheduled Tuesday & Wednesday from 11-12 on sites 6 & 28). If you drink, you can join the beer share by the waterfall (don’t feel like you need to bring beer - you are still welcome if you come empty-handed). If you are into Arts & Crafts, join Kamp Duktape from 4-6 on Tuesday for creative fun. Wednesday has some great food fun in the morning (a waffle event from 8:30-10:30 and TelluPride brunch from 10:30-12:30). You can see all the events and details at the link in this post.

Definitely don’t miss Fristgrass this year with Big RIchard. Its going to be great fun and there is a newbie group meetup there to make new friends gathering on the hill in front of the stage. Bring snacks or buy food from a spot there. You can’t bring in alcohol but there are drinks on sale.

Have a fantastic time! Hopefully, we will see you at one of the events. (Feel free to message me if you’d like to meet up for help navigating Town Park.)


Below is a great answer from erinivy. I’ll just add an answer to a question you asked about propane stoves. Yes, propane stoves, and even propane fire pits are definitely allowed. Regular fires or charcoal grills are not allowed, though.

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Oh my goodness! This is just the info I needed! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share. I am so excited and I will definitely be in touch! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Not sure if my reply went through connected to yours.

Thank you!

Come join in the fun at First Grass, I’m hosting a first timers gathering on the grass on the hill in front of stage. I will bring some kind of Australia trivia to help people find us. Bring some snacks, there are drinks for sale, come meet your new friends. Catch the gondola up to Mountain Village, music kicks off at 5, the night before the festival starts


On Wednesday in Town Park before Firstgrass, Camp Lampshadey Grove will be Gettin Loaded with a loaded baked potato bar and make yourself your very own Light up Lampshade hat! Directions for required lampshade building materials are searchable in this forum, but basics are round brim hat, lampshade that fits over hat, string of USB powered fairy lights, a USB power source, and whatever fancy bling to set yourself apart from other lampshades.


Will informed us that he will have a few extra lampshades, fairy lights, and power sources if folks want to participate in Lampshade Hat making. You’ll still need a round brimmed hat like a fedora or something solid not floppy. Wednesday starting around 3. You can eat a tater make a hat and be ready for Firstgrass at 5! Make sure and take lots of pics and give Will, Denise, and the Lampshadey crew a bunch of high fives, and take a bunch of pics during pre-fest and festival for us! I know a bunch of you are already there now! Have a great ABGAT!

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I will be camping solo and volunteering at Lawson. I will be getting in Wednesday afternoon because my first shift working the gate is 8-midnight that night. Come say hi!
(My name is Katie.)