So, what is the first thing you do when you get to Telluride.

Getting closer…we will be driving in from Sante Fe. I’m working out the logistics. So, we drop our gear at lodgings, return car, get back to town…then what? It’s the day before…so what do folks do in the leadup to the festival?

We don’t have tickets for Yonder, do we wander over to Town Park and say howdy?

Thanks Festivarians!

That’s pretty much of a no-brainer.

Of course you come over to Town Park. There’s plenty going on. :thumbsup

First grass will be happening, take the gondola up to Mountain village

The first thing I do whenI get to Telluride…is give Hippie Jerry a hug…and then have a shot of Tequila :cheers

Most of us will have been in town park for several days if not weeks by the time you arrive on Wednesday so the first thing you will wonder is why you took so long in getting there. Giving Hippie Jerry a hug and having a beverage or bowl of your choice is next along with many rounds of welcome home hugs. And if you’re there by high noon you need to come by the canibus cup. And a John Wood style shout of Festivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

We drop all our gear( crock pots, rubber chickens, etc) and head to the Bistro for a Tequila Flight. A Tequila sampler of 5 top notch Tequilas. We need a little help getting in the correct mode, shake off the work juju and head into the relax mode. After that we mill about, find our way again and start to bump into many familiar folk some we know some we don’t. Easy to swallow up free time in Tride.

And hugs and not to sound like a lush cause I just never take a vacation and rarely drink but something about TBF that brings out the :evil in me.

For me it’s always a run up Bear Creek trail. Perfect way to acclimate.

A shot of FROG! :cheers

OK, I think I get it. I have to admit, we will still be battling jet lag and altitude, I’m not planning on drinking much more than water…im pretty cheerful without it.

I have a woeful sense of direction, I usually get lost whenever I’m in the northern hemisphere but I’m assuming it is super easy to find a Town Park. So, what is the story? We get our wristbands and then it’s cool to just wander all over saying hi to everyone? I’m checking in at Kamp Duk Tape first cause that’s my base camp.

And, I know this will sound terrible ( I haven’t read ALL of the nine million entries on TBF for Virgins, sorry) but who is Hippie Jerry?

Gosh I do sound hopeless, sorry.

Thanks everyone, I’m so excited, it will be fabulous I know.
:wave :wave :wave

Skubes nailed it. The first you do when you get to Telluride is take a shot of Frog. Nothing says Festival like poisoning yourself slowly at 9,000 feet elevation.

Hippie Jerry makes his home at Run a Muck. You may have seen his post recently about the Ultimate Packing List.

Scaring me there Sugar…

Oh, get it!

Nothing to worry about. At least, not from our end. We have a disclaimer.

I will be shouting it babe, this festival has the BEST lead up…and do much buzz, cannot wait

I’m there, I’m going to try a frog and I’m passing out caramello bear cocktails

I arrive on Monday :flower But on Wednesday you must go see everyone in Town Park. Last day to enter without a wrist band to camp there. Ron almost made a camper out of me for fest after he showed me the shower set up. Lots of good people, feels like home for everyone. Not enough room however. Real Estate is valuable and you will see why. Amazing collective efforts and fun. Good time my friends, good times ahead. :medal

Rubber chickens and squirt guns and the river and sun, some rain and all the while this beautiful music ringing through and Telluride is breath taking!

GOOSE BUMP CITY!!! Go with the flow, relax, everyone is super helpful . Really hard to get lost when there is only a few streets silly :lol It is a pretty small town and the waterfall will be your point of reference you will see. I am so excited for you ( the first TBF is so impactful)and hope to meet you :wave

You should come see us, and the crazy Town Park, of course! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I look forward to meeting all of you, I feel like we are already friends x