Singer needed: The Bushy Sam Band

The recently formed “The Bushy Sam Band” is looking for a singer for our version of jam/picking sessions during the 2011 TBF experience.

Our goal is good times, laughter, and doing numerous shots. There will be no shushing during our sessions, unless of course that shushing is directed to us to stop playing.

Please consider the following before applying :

  • We are not very good, nor professional. In fact, professionalism may not be tolerated.
  • We can’t sing either. That’s your job!
  • We really can’t do much musically – did I mention that?

We will be based in Camp Run a Muck in Town Park but there’s a pretty good chance our own campmates will eventually throw us out after our first session so please be prepared to walk (and maybe run) during singing. If you own a shield please bring it along to deflect any objects that will be thrown at us.

Current band members:
Hooch - guitar, bass/guitar, crack-up vocals
BillyBeru - guitar, crack-up vocals

Song list:

Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons
The Cave – Mumford
Sigh No More - Mumford
Feeling Good Again – Robert Earl Keen
I’m Coming Home – Robert Earl Keen
The Man in Me – Bob Dylan
Same Old River – Sam Bush
Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
Limelight – Rush
Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
Shame – The Avett Brothers
Wait So Long – Trampled by Turtles
It’s a Great Day to be Alive – Darrell Scott

If hilarity is one your goals please come by Run a Muck and sing/play with us. We look forward to annoying with you.

As a co-founder of this new soon to be has-been band, I’d like to also mention the following requirements for anyone applying for the singer position:

  • Singing falsetto (a la The BeeGees) could be a good skill, but also could be annoying.
  • Alternate “that’s what it sounded like he sang to me” lyrics are acceptable.
  • Glaring at the guitar players about missed chords is not allowed.
  • No rapping or trying to get the audience to copy you clapping your hands over your head.

Additionally, we are in need of tone-deaf groupies with questionable musical standards who are skilled at lying to us about how good we sound. We will hold auditions for the groupie positions as well so start practicing the following line, “Yes, Billy, your little hunt-and-pluck guitar solo did remind me of Van Halen. Early Van Halen with David Lee Roth and not the Sammy Hagar era when Eddie got all into playing the synthesizer and wearing those pink parachute pants. Because seriously it’s hard to be cool on stage when you are playing a keyboard and then if you add the pants…well, you know what I’m getting at.”

The Bushy Sam Band looks forward do your support/tolerance/loose change.

:flower I’m not sure, but I may have used up all available tolerance just reading these two posts…this “Band of Heenians” may, or may not, be just the right time & place for debuting my church-choir trained vocals. The first thing that scares me is that you have a “goal”? This would lead me to believe “achieving” something is expected. And are these Crunchy Frog shots you mention, or can one pour their own? (I know, wtf? I’m already too high maintenance for my own solo act.) I’ll include these fine tunes in my practice sessions and try to find the audition tent. :cheers

:wave Crunchy Frog shots usually require a trained professional to pour. We are talking about a highly volatile substance, which requires the dispenser to take certain safety precautions.


Now, there’s a name for a Camp Run A Muck band - High Maintenance . . .

:evil I KNOW! That’s why I ask. If Hooch is busy making “music”, the CF could be unattended? Wow, the potential for monster Heen-ness would be be off the charts!

Geez you frontman types are all alike. Bring your own spandex, by the way. I’m trying to grow a mullet between now and festival time and Billy is getting his own face tattooed on his belly. We have to look the part.

And don’t any of you think I’ll be leaving the Crunchy Frog in the hands of amateurs. We do have a few certified handlers at Run A Muck. Just remember to not take it internally or let it touch your skin.

So back to the real question at hand: Swander…if you think you can sing then we think you can be in the band.

Now I have to go work on the pyrotechnics for our big show on the roof of the main Town Park bathrooms.

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :cheers

:thumbsup SWEET! :cheers

I’ll start the revolving door of abused frontmen. Passing on the spandex, tho.
Be sure to keep the search committee working on others too!

instead of spare change, I assume we can throw scraps of bacon at you too…

So is this going to be a JAM band ?
or perhaps a JELLY (brain) band
Any help with a TP ticket and I’ll volunteer to be
your producer, manager, hell, I’ll even drive the bus on your upcoming tour :lol

My good friend ‘Muther’ who is also a member of these boards is a great singer and I’m sure he’d be itnerested in this. Shoot him a PM about it.

A guy named Muther? He sounds perfect! His stage name can be Muther Focker.

I’m totally gonna be on the lookout for this…I can lend some pipes to the REK, Dylan, OCMS and Springsteen tunes…may have to brush up on the others! See y’all at the fest!

For a true revolving door, they’ll need to add a keyboard player… :angel

Too bad we can’t have multiple drummers who occasionally die throughout the week.

Why not? Have a ceremony where they die in some sort of bizarre circumstance; gardening accident, spontaneous human combustion, choking on vomit of unknown origin a la This Is Spinal Tap, and then come back as another drummer!

Tho maybe the circumstance should be something more along the lines of too much crunchy frog, over heening themselves, or death by bacon.

:lol :lol :lol :medal :lol :lol :lol :clap :clap :clap :rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin :kiss :kiss :hug :hug :vibes

Man I needed that!!! Still laughing.

I’m in :thumbsup :lol just my speed! :lol

Or Muther Mucker.

And Hooch, I can sing off-key AND twirl a baton at the same time! And if anyone laughs or scowls at you I can just whack 'em with it, or I can sing loudly in their ear and that should stop any naysayers. :sunshine

Yay! CindyLou is our bouncer!