Shout out: where ya from?

I’ve been hailing from the greater Boston area for 11 years now. Which means I’ve had to do a lot of flying to/from Colorado.

The 22nd Annual Joe Val Bluegrass Festival is this weekend in Framingham, MA. What fun. :cheers



Hey Carlson!

It’s Surdock from UR - funny to find you here (well, really I guess it’s no shock whatsoever).

Are you going to this year’s T-ride?


Hi! We’re from the tiny state of Rhode Island~ This will be our 1st trip to TBF~ very very excited! We didn’t make it to Joe Val this weekend~ we did the Mardis Gras Ball with some friends from Ct. Maybe you could give us some advice on the flights & so forth on getting out to Telluride. :wave

Thanks~ Missy & Scotto :cheers

You might check into flying into Montrose via Denver and either take the shuttle to Telluride or rent a car. It’s the closest airport to Telluride unless you want to fly ino Telluride directly from Denver, but I’ve heard it’s like a scary amusement park ride. The plane has to come down sharply and actually come in sideways just before it straightens out to land, and the end of the runway drops off a cliff. :eek
You can get information about the shuttle here.

How long is the ride from Denver? We were talking about maybe coming in early & driving from Denver so we could see some of the state, as we have never been out there & hearit is gorgeous. But I am completely clueless about time frame & miles. :rolleyes Thanks


:thumbsup     Just clicked on the link, I guess you already answered my question~ oops!!!  Thanks!  :cheers


It’s about a six hour drive from Denver, and the scenery depends on which route you take. The more scenic the longer the drive, but could be worth it. I’ve never taken 285, but I hear it’s the most scenic route to take. Hope that helps. :flower

That’s the plan. Been looking into flights for a Tuesday arrival and Monday departure. What up with you?


Hey Matt,

The last couple of years we’ve flown into Denver and spent the weekend before the fest in Boulder, then head off and do some camping, hiking, rafting for 2-3 days before rolling into town on Wednesday.

Rogin is out this year (and they say getting hitched won’t affect your social life - actually maybe they say the opposite) but I will be with several other UR folks and some people from Eugene, OR.

We usually left of sound board near the hula hoopers in front of the path towards the stage. Who is going out with you?

I think some more Nightgrass is in store this year.


That’s the plan. Been looking into flights for a Tuesday arrival and Monday departure. What up with you?

We just booked flights on United out of Logan Nonstop~ Tuesday 19th return Monday25 About $290 pp round trip through expedia Leaves Boston @ 9:45 am/ monday leaves Denver @ 3:35 pm~ We searched a bit & found that to be the best price & non stop :thumbsup Good Luck & maybe we’ll meet you on the plane :wave

Did he end up getting a bluegrass band for his wedding? :slight_smile:

Not sure who is going out at this point. Tough tickets (I need a Town Park). It could be just me, meeting up with my Town Park regulars and all you all. :cheers


Rumor has it he’s getting Sam Bush Jr to play. :thumbsup

Looking forward to some Fat Tire and dancing like a fool - is is June yet?

Hey, Matt…let’s touch base on Telluride, bud. How was the Joe Val Fest?

Where in the Boston area? Do you go to the Greyfox Bluegrass Fest in NY?
I’m curious how you do the TBF camping when you have to fly out. It sounds like we do the same type of camping at greyfox~ w/ the kitchen,bar & common areas. I can’t possibly bring all that on the plane :eek
I feel that we must know some of the same folks that run in the NE bluegrass community & like to party! :cheers Let me know!

Missy :wave

Any more Telluriders from Maine???

Howdy John. I’m hoping that T-ride is in the cards - shouldn’t break a 10 year streak. No Town Park ticket at this time…but I’m more worried about securing one of those bracelets like last year! :wink:

Joe Val was, again, a pleasure. Another cold snap came in which adds to the cool nature of the event: being holed up in the Castle catching picks in my summertime cargo shorts while the winter winds blow outside. Infamous Stringdusters really stood out. And Chris’ HTGABB project was nice with B.Sutton taking over the guitar spot for the next year.

100% sure on Rockygrass. 95% sure on T-ride.

Howdy Missy! I now reside in Quincy. Having made many friends with Colorado folks over the years, I’ve managed to whittle down the amount I have to fly with. Before that, we were bringing tents, coolers, canopy on the plane (checked, not carry-on!) but that is a huge hassle.

Seek out a camp to adopt, is my advice :cheers

Let’s be sure to meet up one of these days.


:wave Hey Matt~ from what i’ve been reading on the forums it looks like you should bd 100% On Telluride. Although maybe it’s just MY excitement!!! Do you ever check out “Johnny D’s”? We’ve seen few good bands up there & also the “Paradise” (i was actually kicked out of there once for having too much fun!) OOPS! it was my bacherlorette party! Also, down in Fall river~ The Narrows~ is an excellent place to see shows, BYOB & food~ cheap tix Excellent music~ ~ How about Greyfox? Have you been? Similar line up as far as the bluegrass ~ also the Rythm & Roots Fest in Charleston, RI on Labor Day weekend. Good times. :cheers

Missy :slight_smile:

Been to every venue in Boston I imagine. And haven’t been thrown out of any…that I recall. :thumbsup
Greyfox - yeppers; it is its own special fest.
Narrows - not yet, but I’m keeping my eyes open.

John Cowan played at The Narrows on saturday~ what a great place to see him! I had another thing,but, my husband & son went & said it was a great show~ very up close & personal. Keep your eyes out~ they have some great acts!!

The Waybacks April 6th ~ $15
Eilen Jewell June 1 $13

& many more in between!!

Maybe we’ll get to meet there!! :cheers