Scammer won on supposed vehicle pass

I just got scammed trying to buy a vehicle pass for Mary Ilium. Scammer was Jay4433 and Venmo address was
@shawnica55a7x. Yes I paid him. No I didn’t get a vehicle pass.
I got another offer earlier from Tsla, but it seemed like a scam to me so I didn’t buy. What a sad state of affairs that we get scammed here. I’m an older woman and I am just trying to get a vehicle pass so I can camp in my camper rather than in a tent (which is hard for me these days).

Sorry to hear you got scammed.

There’s a pinned post at the top of every for sale forum warning of scammers with information about how to safely purchase tickets. Please see here for one example: Beware of scammers - 2024 Update

We work very hard to try to protect this community but because it’s open to the public, users need to take precautions to prevent being taken advantage of. If it seems suspicious, please message us mods here: so we can take action or help you investigate.

Jay was banned yesterday and tsla was on our suspicious list and as of yesterday they could no longer post.

Caveat emptor.