Beware of scammers - 2024 Update

As will happen with any in-demand commodity, scammers are about. While Festivarians are a trustworthy group, this forum is open to the public and anyone can swoop in and try to take advantage of our good nature.

Check out this information from PB on how to safely transfer tickets.

Update for 2024: Planet Bluegrass has worked with SeeTickets to streamline the transfer process and to make it safer for all involved. Please see the above link for updated instructions.

Please take caution in buying tickets. If someone refuses to follow the process outlined above, it’s probably a scam. Click here to reach out to the moderators (click “Message” @ top right) if something seems fishy or if you encounter a scammer. We work very hard to catch scammers proactively but reports of suspicious activity can hasten our efforts.


Thank you! I almost just sent $90 venmo to that 979 # but thought to check here first!


Yes 979-429-3744 is trying to sell me a ticket. How do you know legitimate. Yes Google phone. He does answer but I think I will pass after seeing this. Thanks


I’ve been contacted by text by 4 if these scammers now! Call the number - if it’s a Google call or asks to to state your name, it’s a scam.

I fell for one scammer with a 914 number but realized my mistake immediately and called contacted Venmo who were able to reverse the charge. Since then I have been texted by a 551 and a 979 number offering to sell me tickets but they are unable to talk to me, meet with me, or provide screen shots of the tickets.

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979 number is a scam he got us unfortunately checked here too late

Thanks! I just posted about selling a song school and FF ticket and need to understand the scams and best way to sell a legit ticket with being scammed.

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Selling typically carries less risk than buying.

Almost got scammed from the 979 but looked here first. Thank you!! This number said Venmo wasn’t working, asked for PayPal or Zelle, ignored my request to handle the transaction through PB. Beware!!

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So I’m selling wristbands and keep getting put off by the buyer about sending the money a little later. I’m failing to see the scam angle but this seems weird. Thoughts?

The only thing I can think of is they could delay so long it’d be hard to offload your tickets. Then they get you to agree to a lower price?

Yeah thought about that but seems so strange. Only other thing I can think of is maybe they are having second thoughts about the whole thing but don’t want to lose the chance at tickets maybe. I guess I’ll have to give a deadline soon and repost but that could also be weird. Arrrggghhh. I don’t see that I have much choice.

I think my sale is all good after all. Yeah!


yep… 979 # just tried me too…

Thanks for posting this! I got so excited but just had a weird feeling and checked and sure enough it was the 551 number…

I was just taken for $100 by 551-257-4324 - wish I had looked here first.

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Thanks for this list of numbers. Scammer tried to get me, but your post saved me!

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Just got another scam attempt from the 551-257-4324 number, FYI

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I am new to TBGF and new to this forum. Luckily I was able to get tickets but will be trying to get/trade our RV camping site. Gotta learn how this forum works.

LOL…I just got texted by 551-257-4324 and it brought up our text convo from LAST year when he/she tried to scam me for the same thing! Be careful festy friends! CALL the number to make sure it’s legit!

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